Pay or Die

Pay or Die

A beautifully rendered, fact-based crime film about a crusading Italian policeman battling Black Hand extortionists in New York’s Little Italy is back on the big screen. In addition to Ernest Borgnine’s brilliantly sensitive portrayal as Lieutenant Joseph Petrosino, this engrossing picture is deftly photographed by Lucien Ballard, beautifully scored by David Raksin with a stellar supporting cast including Zohra Lampert and Alan Austin. Literate, suspenseful and emotionally moving, this memorable film remains the definitive depiction about the emergence of the Mafia in America.

Movie deals with organized crime "protection" rackets. Small shopkeepers are forced to pay for protection or else be brutalized or killed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tynan Y (au) wrote: This is one of John Wayne's later films which has him starring with Roscoe Lee Brown and trying to train young boys as cowboys. It is not Wayne's best films but as always Duke is entertaining

Des S (de) wrote: Disappointed that this didn't continue from the first one, but still better than I thought a sequel would be. This also had a better ending than the first one.

Mark L (fr) wrote: Barely deserves half a star, really. Incoherent, ignoring of its own logic, stupid, and completely pointless.

Luca V (ag) wrote: Was this movie supposed to be funny? If so, I must've forgotten to laugh.

Film C (mx) wrote: Well although not rated in the highest aspect at all i still thought this was an okay and watchable movie, even if its just a simple movie to watch on a late sunday evening whilst pottering about!

Peter P (gb) wrote: Brilliant horse work in a adventure filled ride about the worlds oldest long distance horse race. Viggo Mortensen is great as the haunted rider of Hidalgo, and the racing and action is well put together, although it was really hard to see the horse hurt, but at least we it was special effects.

Steve W (us) wrote: From the director of the original Karate Kid comes a bit of a western homage with Desert Heat Inferno. Van Damme plays Eddie Lomax, a suicidal drifter who is accosted by a biker gang. He is supposedly left for dead, but is saved by his desert spirit/friend (Danny Trejo). Lomax recovers and begins a campaign against the heroin dealers, with some help from the eccentric townsfolk.A pretty decent vehicle for Van Damme, not an amazing film but it has plenty of decent action scenes. There wasn't a lot of martial arts since this is a western of sorts, but its still enjoyable.

Megan B (br) wrote: This is an excellent documentary on the effects of species introduction by us smarty-pants humans, and the film is also very entertaining.. I loved the angles they used to exaggerate the size of the toads.

John B (ag) wrote: s'brill s'beautiful s'best

James H (jp) wrote: Rather ordinary Roy Rogers movie, with the usual song interludes. More comic relief than usual. Fine "B" western, enjoyable, short and sweet.

Kyle M (ag) wrote: One of the most stylishly unique, intriguing directions seen in film that reveals reality from a digitally-captured perspective, with radiating stress from Foxx's performance as he's the film's soul reacting to the presence of Cruise's corrupted charm, fueling the thriller in the identifiable stress and suspenseful climax. (A-)(Full review TBD)

Syl W (ru) wrote: filmed in Queensland, but not a film I will rave about.

Karino A (de) wrote: Best movie i've ever seen

Jake M (ru) wrote: Tangled (2010): is Disney's 50th animated feature as well as their first disney princess movie to be made entirely in CGI. In my opinion, it's one of the most charming and irresistible animated movies that Disney has put out in a long time. The story is based off of the well known fairytale of Rapunzel but it's just wonderful on how Disney took the story and incorporated many fascinating elements that make it an amazing experience. The movie is also not afraid to go dark in some scenes and their are also a great deal of action packed scenes to speed up the pace. The characters are a lot of fun and have a great amount of time devoted to giving them personality and charm. Rapunzel is quirky and naive while also having a great amount of free spiritedness. Flynn Rider A.K.A Eugene has a lot of funny moments being a thief but his change of heart is what admire most about his character. Maximus and Pascal are great for balancing the mood and they have a nice deal of cute and funny scenes. Mother Gothel is an very entertaining and threatening villain. I like how she replicates the traits from past female Disney villains. Flynn and Rapunzel's relationship is one of the biggest highlights in the entire movie. Their chemistry is charming and I really like how they share about each other's feeling when they start to become closer. The animation is amazing and the color palate they use is eye popping and lovely. It works the best during the "I see the light" sequence where there is a thousand lanterns lifted in the sky and the overall mood is uncontrollably lovely and amazing. There are also a lot of great details when it comes to Mother Gothel's tower, The German kingdom and even the scenery of the forest in general. They all just splendid to look at. The Music, much like the movie is lovely and irresistible. A lot of the songs are catchy as well as fun to listen to. They surprisingly help expand on the character's feelings and each of them feel very identifiable to whoever is singing. I also kinda like how some of the songs like "When will my life begin", use the acoustic guitar. This helps give the music a sort of modern upbeat like style which is kinda cool to see Disney do. I have no problem in saying that I absolutely love this movie. It has become one of my favorite Disney princess movies for quite some time and it just has everything that a great fairytale movie should have (A)

Carlos I (gb) wrote: Good old fashioned 80s raunchy comedy. Kurt Russell is always an added bonus.

Paul A (it) wrote: the storyline was pretty bad , but the acting was decent and it kept me interested enough to watch it to the end, had a couple of creepy scenes but nothing too scary. could of been worse but also could of been alot better.