Payal Ki Jhankar

Payal Ki Jhankar

Wealthy Shyam falls in love with Pammi, a jungle girl. Meanwhile, his cousin is plotting against him to secure the family inheritance and his mother is determined to get him married to another girl. When one of his cousin’s plots causes Shyam to lose his memory, it seems only Pammi can restore it.

A jungle beauty, conniving employees, mother's pressure to get married and memory loss complicate a wealthy male's life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hana M (de) wrote: A beautiful classic Korean love story.

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Peter W (de) wrote: I'll watch anything with Danny Dyer in it but unfortunately this movie is awful,

Charlie M (ca) wrote: Awful Story , sometimes funny...but rarely

Andrew W (ru) wrote: saw it in Uni and I'd love to see the ending, or at least past the 20 minute mark!!

Andy F (ca) wrote: Another competent if unspectacular Bond movie. Dalton struggles to be noticed amongst a 'b' grade cast, but at least this has a greater injection of fun over his previous film. Quite entertaining and great theme song!

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