Paying Guests

Paying Guests

Four friends' attempts to find employment and accommodation pits them against landlords and gangsters in Bangkok. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Paying Guests torrent reviews

George M (fr) wrote: one of the worst films i have ever seen bad acting bad story just don't watch it

David J (de) wrote: "Killing Them Softly" is a gritty mafia flick with a unique atmosphere, a dark sense of humor, and an underlying economic message.

Evan A (nl) wrote: You're not supposed to take it serious, just enjoy it. (B-)

Ralph R (jp) wrote: Obama, McCain, or Clinton are likely to be terrible presidents just like this film is probably going to be a piece of crap as well.

Holly F (ca) wrote: Talk about cheap shit and a werewolf that looks alien. Too funny. Cheesy, not interesting storyline if any. Gimme a break!

Deepika P (us) wrote: Shreyas talpade was awsome

Emma B (es) wrote: I really really hate conservitive people. they're fucking dumb. Sean Hannity is a prime example too.

Frances Ann A (ru) wrote: Wonderful documentary--subtle, moving, and surprising. The teachers and children are an utter joy to watch. You'll like this more than you would think!

Sarah F (ru) wrote: Yeah, i'd like to see this, i think!

Televisnostic I (ca) wrote: Nice dry comedy here.

Sarah B (nl) wrote: Reccomended by a Psychology Professor

John T (ru) wrote: Going to war for buttons. It's pretty funny stuff.

Rodney E (de) wrote: Arch Hall Jr should have gone places by his acting abilities and his music stylings.

Dena S (es) wrote: one of edward norton's fave film, worth a look :)

John B (ca) wrote: Muni put together some truly great roles and this is one of the better ones. It is likely that this served as an inspiration for Oh Brother Where Art Thou many decades later. Apparently this is based on the true story of Robert Burns. If so, it is understandable why the chain gang system was abolished for good.

Timm S (es) wrote: Clever Comedy With A Twist On The 'ol 'Fish Outta Water' Routine & Jim Is Well-Cast As A Fake Lying Lawyer..It Fits His Style Perfectly. I Laughed A Lot & His Spontaneous Outlandish Style Is Great.

Will L (ru) wrote: This is one of the best comedies I have ever seen, if anything, for its sheer enthusiasm. The rapid-fire jokes combine with a certain playful innocence that gels so perfectly, and it's got some of the wackiest scenes ever put to film. I love this movie.

Tessa R (de) wrote: Engaging with lots of potential but doesn't quite deliver in the end.