Two very different cops are forced to work together...

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Jason D (us) wrote: In the Darkroom, there's a hospitalized amnesiac who is put on experimental drugs to try and remember what happened in his past. He sees people getting killed and starts freaking out, thus escaping this facility and befriending a young boy who lives an abusive life because of bullies, but mainly his crazy stepdad (played by Greg Grunberg). There's nothing too special about this film, but there is better than usual acting and story pacing, given the director and writer's track records with stuff like House of the Dead 2 and Pumpkinhead 4. Greg Gunberg easily gives the best performance in the film, though it's always fun to see cult figures like Ellie Cornell and Lucy Lawless show up here and there. If you're smart, you'll figure out the twist halfway through the movie. Even though it's expected, it's still amusing to watch it pulled off. Overall, not a bad movie, but very tame and unoriginal.

Paula L (kr) wrote: Ta uma mulher admirvel que pertence ao seletssimo grupo daqueles que defendem seus pontos de vista. A qualquer custo.

Andrew H (de) wrote: far to predictable and such a bad script making some well known actors look like they were hired on the day. If you have a spare couple of hours DON'T watch this,

Daryl D (ca) wrote: Typical but funny. If you aren't gay and shallow then this movie is def not for you. Otherwise sit back and enjoy the hot men and multiple cock shots!

Bobby K (ag) wrote: Its hard to believe that the legendary Terry Gilliam was attached to this unfocused film, considering that it lacks the intriguing oddness and general humor of his later works.

Pavan R (kr) wrote: An interesting story..well made with good music and acting...Thought the story was quite realistic overall

Marco G (ag) wrote: Pelciula palomera que se me hizo bastante divertida para aquellos que aun conservamos amistades de a niez entendemos lo pesado que podemos llegar a ser y convertirnos como nios cuando nos volvemos a ver ahora 30 aos despues.This is a good movie to pass the time but if you keep your childhood friends you can compehend this kind of movie. it's very funny.

Steven D (br) wrote: Such an underrated movie.

Tony L (nl) wrote: Mediocre, forzada y bizarra

Tom G (au) wrote: Like "Everest" was a movie w/ no bad guy(s) this movie had no good guys. Even the wives were mean, the cops jerks & the main characters were all horrible men. Not the worst movie I've seen though.

Serge L (gb) wrote: Wow, a summer movie for teens that just feels like reality. Nothing in the film seems made up almost. The acting is plain spot on. The boy in particular. Oh no, everybody was just great. The arc of the story was also plain perfect. In the extras of the dvd, there might be subtil smell of homersexuality that might have been in the film. Btw, one author is like the twin of a well know Qubec actor. Many characters were like stolen from Qubec. If this occurs in Florida, it makes a lot of sense. Really fun, touching and dramatic film. I was pleasantly surprised.

Johnny T (us) wrote: Freaks of Nature is neither clever enough, funny enough, gross enough, nor serious enough to be much of anything in particular. Even the smooth and dulcet tones of Werner Herzog's voice do little to step up the scene. It has a few witty moments in expense of the main characters and these are appreciated albeit blatant in delivery. Its abrupt change can be distracting since it tries to pile so many fleshy gore together, then suddenly includes display of nudity. What a wild and interesting premise. Backed up by a comedic supporting cast including Denis Leary, Bob Odenkirk, Joan Cusack, Patton Oswalt and Keegan-Michael Key in small but decent roles, Freaks of Nature seemed destined to be a cult comedy hit. Yet the sporadic writing and uneven editing end of hurting it. Freaks of Nature could have, should have and would have been a really fun romp with the genre and despite the pace of the film being set to go for most of the running time, lazy editing and shortcuts in the writing leave me a little than more underwhelmed. The biggest let down was the climax of the story. Too ridiculous for words. But maybe so ridiculous, it became somewhat funny. I'm sure most will forget this film. Freaks of Nature is the example of outlandishly bloody parody, it's as juvenile as they come but might work momentarily for a mindless fun escapade.VERDICT: "Rent Worthy" - [Mixed to Negative Reaction] These films are only worth renting because of certain good things that are worth seeing, but are not worth paying at a theatre or the DVD to see due to bad things that overcome anything good. (Films that are rated 2.5 stars)

Simon P (mx) wrote: More dour than dirty.