Also known as "PE-3", which means Plan No. 3, this action-packed comedy film by Farid Kamil follows the story of a group of high profile robbers in Penang. Farid Kamil also stars in the film alongside Kamal Adli and Diana Amir.

Also known as "PE-3", which means Plan No. 3, this action-packed comedy film by Farid Kamil follows the story of a group of high profile robbers in Penang. Farid Kamil also stars in the film alongside Kamal Adli and Diana Amir. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Era M (jp) wrote: A pesar de tener una buena primicia, Heli propone muchas cosas que al final no cumple y aunque tenga escenas crudas no sirven para rescatar un pobre guin.

LaResha F (fr) wrote: Paranormal Entity Review Please... Send help, they killed her, they killed... my family is dead! Please... Just send help... they killed my mom... they're dead! My sister's dead! MY SISTER'S DEAD, IT KILLED HER! IT KILLED HER, MY SISTER'S DEAD!? Thomas Finely panicked as he told the police about his family(TM)s(TM) death. For many, people paranormal movies have become a great sensation to watch. For example, the 2011 movie Paranormal Entity was a great chiller for many people. Paranormal Entity is an excellent movie because, of the intriguing storyline, maudlin reactions of characters, and the impressive work of the director Shane Van Dyke. As the movie opens, we find a black screen with an important notice about the movie. The captions tell us that Thomas Finley, the son of David and Ellen Finley, was arrested for the rape and murder his sister Samantha Finely and a psychic named Edgar Lauren. After being arrested, Thomas Finely commits suicide in prison. As we get into the first scene of the movie, we are introduced to the characters: Ellen Finley (Mother); Samantha Finley (Daughter); and Thomas Finley (Son). Soon after we discover that Ellen Finley(TM)s husband (David Finley) is deceased. As a result of her husband(TM)s death, Ellen sinks into a grieving state, and begins talking to herself. Consequently, she leads herself to think that she is talking to her deceased husband. Immediately after, strange encounters begin to fill the house. Although, Thomas was skeptic al of the paranormal activity, Ellen and Samantha believed there is demonic activity in their home. Thomas then begins to set up video cameras all over the house to record the strange activity. After waking up and finding the word MARON? wrote on their living room coffee table, Samantha and Thomas look over the recorded video. As a result, they find that their mother had been sleepwalking; which was cause of the mysterious writing. As fear reaches its zenith with the family, Ellen decides that she and Samantha were going to stay in a hotel. In a short amount of time, Thomas receives a phone call from Ellen claiming that Samantha had been attacked by the demon. Thomas tries to investigate more, but it only causes things to escalate. But, as if that wasn(TM)t enough, Ellen is found in a mental state with her wrist cut. Thomas then calls in a psychic named Edgar Lauren; he tells them that demon was there because of Ellen. Finally, after the camera shows us the dead bodies of Edgar Lauren and Samantha Finely. Leaving Thomas for the blame of their deaths; He is arrested and sentenced to life, he commits suicide in prison soon after. The movie Paranormal Entity has a superior storyline. For example, when the movie opens a black screen appears, this tells us some background information about the son Thomas Finely. The caption states that Thomas Finely was charged for the murder of his family and a psychic named Edgar Lauren. This gives a lot of detail as to what to expect in the movie, without telling the events that occur leading up to the climax. Also, in the movie Paranormal Entity, we witness a lot of demonic activity. In one scene, the digital recorder that Thomas set up, records Ellen sleepwalking in a possessed state. This evidence and activity give the storyline of the movie an intriguing and chilling feel.The most important part of the film is the crew. In the movie Paranormal Entity the crew was satisfying in showing a large amount of emotion, which as a result added a great deal of excitement to the movie. Samantha Finely, who is played by Erin Marie Hogan, played a huge role in the movie Paranormal Entity. The amount of confusion and disconnection that the script called for was carried out well by her acting skills. Hogan(TM)s ability to show realistic symptoms fear and confusion was amazing. In one scene Samantha is found topless, and traumatized in her attic, the amount of confusion and disconnection that she acts is extremely realistic. Another spectacular character was Ellen Finely; Ellen is played by Fia Perara in the film. In the movie Fia shows a great deal of mental distress, for example, Ellen (Fia) is found with her wrist cut, and the weapon still in her hand. Fia Perara(TM)s over emotional acting skills were phenomenal and easy to read. This gave the movie an intriguing edge and a mysterious thrill. Finally, Shane Van Dyke, better known as Thomas Finely, plays the investigative son. As the movie escalates, Thomas(TM)s fears do also. Thomas plays huge role in the movie, from setting traps to catch the paranormal entity, to putting up video cameras around the house.Paranormal Entity was impressive. The director, Shane Van Dyke, succeeded in making an intriguing film. In the movie Shane Van Dyke "the director- does a great job at emphasizing the paranormal activity in the movie. For instance, in one scene of the movie, Thomas Finely is starting to investigate the paranormal activity. Thomas sets up traps (using three bells and wires,) that would alarm Thomas of the entities appearance. When the spirit finally arrives, Thomas goes to investigates, but in return his wires and bells thrown at him. This is great proof that Van Dyke not only done a wonderful job at emphasizing the paranormal activity, but he also succeeded at acting and directing at the same time. Viewers who are not aware that Shane Van Dyke is also an actress in the movie would be in great amazement. Shane Van Dyke was a wonderful actor and director in the movie Paranormal Entity. If you(TM)re looking for a movie that gives you thrills Paranormal Entity is a movie you should consider. The movies storyline, characters, and detailed director redefines spine chilling effects. The other Paranormal Activity movies just don(TM)t measure up to the emphasis that Shane Van Dyke gives in the movie Paranormal Entity. There is no doubt, the film Paranormal Entity will send chills down your spine.

Robert C (br) wrote: A big ol' wonderful mess. Great music, uneven acting, writing, and directing with moments of brilliance. If Flo Ziegfeld had staged hip hop dance sequences, this is what they would have looked like. Terrence Howard overacts, as he usually does when he has a director that doesn't reel him in. Somehow, though, once you start watching this movie, you can't take your eyes off the screen. And more Jackie Long, anybody, please, cast him more. Talk about an undiscovered gem.

Joshua S (it) wrote: A funny story that keeps twisting.

RiP M (fr) wrote: If sex is a weapon, the one wielded in this claustrophobic story of a deprogramming-turned-hatef*** is a molotov cocktail. So potent it gives off sparks.

David D (jp) wrote: This is one of those examples of totally homophobic queer cinema - you know, the kind that are sympathetic to how awful it is to be gay, but make the actual queers in the movie into victims, and don't show so much as a man-on-man hug, let alone steamy sex scene.It's interesting, as far as entertainment goes, but it's also an exercise in frustration.

Christopher H (ru) wrote: Children's film similar in quality to the 'Nativity' films. Children loved it. There were some good pieces in it.

Eric B (us) wrote: If the word "dull" could ever be applied to someone like Pedro Almodvar, "The Flower of My Secret" may be the director's dullest film. The story is thin despite its diverse characterizations, and is wholly free of his usual spice and controversy. The strangest element is just a quirky exposition where the protagonist goes hours without being able to remove some undersized boots.Maturely glamorous Marisa Paredes plays Leocadia ("Leo" for short), a best-selling romance novelist who writes under the pseudonym "Amanda Gris." Her marriage to a distant, military husband is falling apart, so she has become disillusioned with her literary niche. Hoping to expand her range, she pitches herself as a different sort of writer to Angel, the editor of a local newspaper. An attachment between these two grows and is quite sweet (pudgy, bearded Angel is hardly a typical movie lover), but there's just not much juice to the story beyond this. Mainly, the issue is about Leo being in the odd position of competing with herself, due to her writing being sold via three different identities. Leo's housekeeper and her son also play a role, but they're mostly included to justify an exotic dance performance near the end. A side plot focused on Leo's bickering sister and mother adds colorful dialogue but fails to go anywhere.There is a brief, fascinating glimpse of traditional weaving with about 20 minutes to go -- it added nothing to the story, but I'd be interested to learn more about this craft.

Ryan S (it) wrote: This movie makes Steve Guttenberg look like a comedic genius and he isn't even in it. The folks behind Police Academy try to catch lightning in a bottle for a second time without as much luck. This movie is a half decent attempt at the 80s snobs vs slobs comedy genre, but without any really memorable characters. Sadly, John Murray's wackiness is mostly just boring.