Peaceable Kingdom

Peaceable Kingdom

At a time when the public is more concerned than ever about the health and environmental problems associated with large-scale factory farming, Peaceable Kingdom explores another angle of this unfolding story: the interconnected life journeys of farm animals, former farmers, and animal rescuers struggling against an out of control industrial system. Breaking generations of silence in the farm community, Peaceable Kingdom weaves together themes of respect, forgiveness, commitment, and healing, offering a vision of a more peaceful world that is well within our reach.

Released on February 29, 2004, Peaceable Kingdom was pulled from distribution by Tribe of Heart on July 7... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jrmie F (nl) wrote: What the...??? Actors not convincing at all, We can't understand where the movie wants to bring us. Just a big waste of time and money.

Dallas S (au) wrote: The slowest movie I've seen in a while. It has a bunch of B-list known actors, but that's about all it has going for it. I couldn't make it through the thing.

Nate O (it) wrote: Save your time and money!

Jessica H (fr) wrote: I missed this at Frightfest last year so I was really excited when Lovefilm kindly sent it me. Lol. A homage to splatter guru Herschell Gordon Lewis, this is a brilliantly satirical look at the uber bloodsoaked horror flicks of the early 70's. if you like old skool horror, and have a sense of humour, then you should watch this!

Mayank A (ru) wrote: Brilliant, brings a lot of Originality to the countless tales of Ramayana. The concept of using four parallel storytelling was great- One Telling the Story of Ramayana, Another showing it in musical Blues , My Favorite was the Skeptical discussion by the three puppets which was Hilarious, Didn't enjoy or felt the need of Directors Nina own story of her life and its parallel with that of Sita's as the fourth storytelling. The Animation while basic and old was perfect for the movie. The music with the mix of trance and blues were great. Its a Gem of a Movie.Later when i found out about the making of the movie and all being the work of Nina Paley, One should watch it just for that.

Nicholas L (jp) wrote: Franchise like this has a place in our life. When you happen to be in a shopping mall, do not feel like going home early, your legs are tired and need some place to sit without using too much brain cell, you go to see it. When it is over, your life is not enriched and you soon forget about it. You move on. It is not a bad movie. On the contrary, the wrist bangle cum bomb is quite intriguing but pity that it is not used to its best in the plot.

Lotti K (ru) wrote: Ladies and gentlemen of the Academy, for your consideration for Best Screenplay: "It's a vagina?" "It's a trap." "They all are." I mean, COME ON - what's not to love about Ron Jeremy's penis invaded by an alien and picking off members of a porn shoot one by one?! BRILLIANT!

Kevin K (us) wrote: its all about hoe she steps

Amy H (ru) wrote: Plot is old! Same story of some poor black American wanting to get away from her life and end up being the same by dancing! And the dance moves aren't even good! Plenty of other movies like this are way better!

Richard M (jp) wrote: "If you're feeling strong, my friend, call me "elf" one more time!" (Long pause) "He's an angry elf"

emily h (fr) wrote: i had no idea of what was going on in this movie cuz it was really boring aka i didnt like it

Igor A (es) wrote: orginalot so Keanu Reeves i Patrick Swayze

Derek J (jp) wrote: the most underrated actor and his character face another test and succeed in this crime drama. the character acting and moral dilemma/heartfelt story are the strengths oppo- sed to (action) production values still remaining in the 80s.

Carolyn G (es) wrote: A cute, fun 80s flick that still holds up surprisingly well over 20 years later.

Movieshistoryhotmailcom M (ag) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Amanda H (br) wrote: Surprisingly good this

Nicola D (nl) wrote: nice cop movie, with a good Detroit set, delivering its poverty and its crooked police dept environment. Ray Liotta is the perfect bad cop, anyway.

Bill S (es) wrote: One of the dumbest movies i have ever saw !!!!