Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warrior

A chance encounter with a stranger changes the life of a college gymnast.

Dan Millman (Scott Mechlowicz) is a gifted athlete whose desire for success drives everything he does. His life then changes forever after an encounter with a stranger who opens Dan's eyes to a new vision of strength and understanding. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leigh L (it) wrote: Excellent Woody Allen Movie

Julien A (de) wrote: Film francais inutile, a la realisation pretentieuse a souhait, et au scenario deja vu 100 fois en mieux.Heureusement que l'interpretation de Jose Garcia permet de faire avaler la pilule.

Carlos P (es) wrote: La historia hubiera podido ser buena, pero con p (C)simas actuaciones y una trama sin sentido y ridcula pierde todo su potencial en 10 minutos, aunque el enfoque artistico hacia Lo es muy bueno

Carlos M (br) wrote: Dormael's ambition, though appealing, moves dangerously towards pretentiousness as he attempts to concoct this intricate, convoluted plot - which bears many unnecessary elements that end up bloating it into a flawed, overlong structure without clear focus.

John W (de) wrote: This is an interesting film to talk about for a number of reasons. Part of it is quite honestly, because after viewing it I was not sure whether or not I had seen something good or bad. This film came in the wake of several other historical epics. Kick-started by the success of "GLADIATOR", itself paved the way for by "BRAVEHEART", and released amidst other such films. Particularly within that year alone Wolfgang Petersen's "TROY", Antoine Fuqua's "KING ARTHUR", and Ridley Scott's "KINGDOM OF HEAVEN". And regardless of whatever one may think of it's overall quality, it should be noted that the film is probably the most historically accurate of them for what it's worth. Which from a certain perspective can be seen as both its greatest strength and it's greatest weakness. In all the ground the film tries to cover concerning his life it could be said that the films reach exceeds its grasp. Seeking to cover his early childhood, to his schooling, to his ascension to the throne, to his conquests, to the political strife among his ranks, to all f his romantic relationship, and into his death. However I do think there are some truly great scenes here. Such as Alexander's rousing speech to his men before the Battle of Guagamela and Philip's talk to his son about the Gods and Titans. This especially came to be a problem for those who came into it for the action, as there are really only two battle sequences. One towards the beginning, and the other towards the end. Given all the other story it had to cover, it's not hard to understand why but can be seen as disappointing to some.In recent years the swords and sandals epic is all but dead again as it were before the all to brief early 2000's revival. This film's failure playing a big part in that. But we have been hearing of similar project. Already begun is an intended trilogy of films about Genghis Khan directed by Sergei Bodrov and Vin Diesel keeps talking up an intended and from the sounds of it quite ambitious trilogy about Hannial the Conqueror he's hoping to make. Both of which are rather unprecedented in this genre. Whilst film series' are very commonplace with Hollywood it's never been done in the Historical Epic/Swords-and-sandals genre. The one exception I can think of being 1954's "DEMETRIUS AND THE GLADIATORS", the sequel to "THE ROBE". Though several attempts to figure out a sequel to "GLADIATOR" it never happened, and if you choose to count it the book sequel to "DANCES WITH WOLVES" entitled "THE HOLY ROAD" has been discussed, but that's about it as far as I'm aware of. And it all really depends on how big the story is. The two most popular of the modern historical epics, "BRAVEHEART" and "GLADIATOR", are structured in such a way that they feel like they each fit perfectly in one film.

Austin G (fr) wrote: Over the Hedge keeps the jokes at a level that won't go over kids' heads but will also keep adults entertained.

Sharon A (jp) wrote: A good film, and full of great songs and music. Team this up with Bette Midler in a great role, where she gets to belt them out with that great voice of hers, and this was great.

Krista L (mx) wrote: Corny lovable chick flick on the shelf beside pretty woman

Nick B (de) wrote: Another classic from the 50's.

Marisol M (fr) wrote: David Yates & Co. have adapted another large Potter book exceptionally well, but I have the same gripes with the movie as I do with the book; nothing really happens. There's no solid story to cling to, but you do get 2 hours of boys and girls falling in and out of like, plus several scenes of Harry looking at memories and Malfoy being shifty. The lack of a build-up doesn't give the intended climax the punch it needs. A few aspects of the plot were lost in translation; for example, I agree with Yates that cutting out the Hogwarts skirmish will help place more importance on the bigger one to come, but it diminished the whole point of Malfoy spending the year mending the Vanishing Cabinet. But the cinematography is beautiful, the dialogue flows well, the characters sparkle, the special effects are enchanting, and this entry, like the previous one, stands on its own as a legit film, not just a dressed up, contractually obligatory adaptation. It's just unfortunate that this is not so much its own adventure as it is an obvious stage-setter for the seventh movie(s). I was still satisfied though, which is what counts most.

Ian C (gb) wrote: "You m-m-m-mmm-m-make me happy".Loads of laughs in this and excellent comic turns from Downey Jnr and Tom Cruise. McConnaghey cracked me up aswell. "You make my pee-pee maker t-t-tingle".

Craig C (de) wrote: John Varley's superior time travel novel gets muddled in translation to the big screen, largely due to a screenplay that takes too many shortcuts and a low budget. If any movie deserves a proper reboot, this is it. Recommended only for fans of John Varley and cheesy 80s SF.