A detective is hired to locate a girl adopted 30 years earlier whose birth father wants to bequeath her his fortune.

Set in the 1940s, the story follows a private eye on a case to find a long lost daughter of an oddball client. Two goons are on a mission to stop him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Peeper torrent reviews

Ville H (br) wrote: Erilainen tarina natsien uhreista. Hyvt nyttelijt ja hienosti kuvattu.

Jess V (ag) wrote: Not terrible and be quite fun if you just don't expect much.

Justin F (es) wrote: how this movie is 45% rotten is beyond me. this has surpassed my favorite doc of all time "the fog of war". i guess i may be taking the content more on a personal level. nevertheless, a must watch and also available instantly on netflix

Joshua J (ca) wrote: I'm not really sure who the target audience of this film is. It seems like a family movie, but there's way too much swearing and sex for little kids, not enough humor for older ones, and not really serious enough for parents. Regardless, it's nothing original, but still is actually pretty funny at parts. Although there are some very frisky 12 and 13 year olds.

Dan B (jp) wrote: REEKS OF CHEESE!!! the car crash was totally fake

Justin G (ag) wrote: Eh, its bad but for some reason Sean Patrick Flannery seems to pull in a good performance despite a lackluster script. But its good for one viewing though..

Matt R (es) wrote: this is adam elliot's 2003 academy award winning short animation. I never got around to watching it til now??after seeing his full length feature 'mary and max' which came out earlier this year. it's just as enjoyable and filled with elliot's unique biographic style. elliot's additional short films on the dvd are great too.

Calum B (jp) wrote: This is an unexpected pearl of a movie. Neither of the two stars, Shirley MacLaine or Nicholas Cage, are normally high on my list of favorites, but they pull off this odd ball relationship to perfection. There's chemistry here, just not in the usual sense of the word! It's a plot idea unlike any I've previously encountered...Doug (Nicholas Cage) is a Secret Service man assigned the dubious honor of "guarding Tess" Carlisle (Shirley MacLaine), the feisty, aging, crotchety widow of a former American President and friend to the current President (who owes her favors and she doesn't let him forget it!). Nothing Doug does pleases Tess; nothing ANYONE does pleases Tess. Yet, she has an obvious underlying affection for her Secret Service guard, the only agent she'll in fact tolerate, who most of the time wishes he had just about any other job. Tess's own son totally neglects her and she's a lonely lady, caught up in old memories of her past White House days, when she and her husband were objects of great respect, affection, and attention. Tess is a cantankerous character now (of course Shirley MacLaine's a natural for the part!) but altogether sympathetic. I won't give away the story but Doug has his work cut out for him, and not just putting up with her moods, whims, and assorted outrages. The plot thickens and drama awaits...There's action and adventure but the movie is much more character driven than plot driven. It's a treat to watch the unfolding relationship between this unlikely pair. Whether it's a realistic scenario or not, it makes for an entertaining, amusing, and touching movie you're bound to enjoy.

Adriana R (fr) wrote: Me parece una buena pelcula aunque un poco larga. Siento que el director se obsesiona con escenas sexuales y desnudos sin sentidos (no le pongo (C)nfasis moralista). Se quiso manejar como una historia de amor cuando no es as y parecera que le dio temor ser honesto y manejar que el supuesto amor era solo una obsesin sexual. Hasta en los momentos ms dramticos, el protagonista tena que manosearle los senos a Betty. Buena pero con excesos.

Simon D (it) wrote: What promised to be a pretty edgy comedy after the first 10 minutes turned into a emotional family story where the characters are the be all and end all. It does have one or two funny moments but it's mainly pretty dark and moving stuff. This film is also another sad reminder in what we have lost with Philip Seymour Hoffman passing.

Daniel P (it) wrote: Best car chase in movie history

Zoran S (mx) wrote: Fantastically silly biker b-movie with rednecks on dune buggies!

Maineutral R (fr) wrote: An easily skipable entry in the series. Godzilla vs the Sea Monster was OK, but maybe it just isn't the kind of movie you'll come back to see. It doesn't deliver many memorable moments, it barely goes anywhere from an island and Godzilla really takes its time to actually do something (almost an hour into the movie, with only 27 minutes left before it ends). But to be fair, it somehow wasn't boring. I can't tell why, maybe the elements were just adequate. How's the story? OK. How's the fighting of monsters? OK. How are the characters? OK. This movie delivers just the right amount of elements to be OK, but fails in being memorable. From all the Godzilla entries, this one is the very first one I can classify as "forgettable and forgivable". It does nothing new, but doesn't do anything bad either. If you're looking for a time killer, this is the "adequate" movie to the job. Otherwise, it's just an out-there movie. Nothing great, nothing bad, just...adequate. I never yawned or anything, but I also never got excited. There are some good moments, but nothing really remarkable. For what it was, it's fine, but we rather skip it. The most adequate movie ever.

Linda M (ca) wrote: Cary Grant isn't the buffest, but cute & he can do a back flip! And I love the "heil" salute all the cool kids give to the evil cousins who crash the private party.

Luke N (it) wrote: Firstly, this movie isn't scary. It isn't scary at all. It's completely fucking hilarious. And I don't mean that in disrespect to the director, or anyone else involved. I know that it's marketed as a horror movie, and the very inclusion of the author's name would have drawn many soon-to-be-disappointed horror buffs into watching the film. But there's no way this was not intended to be a comedy. It's taking the piss, and enjoying every second of it, and anyone who goes in with that preconception should also be able to sit back and laugh along with this silly and disjointed anthology. The director, Lewis Teague (who subsequently directed 'Cujo'), applies intentionally that cheesy feel of 1980's camp horror, but this just adds to the film's bizarrely enjoyable wit. 'Cat's Eye' is no masterpiece by any stretch ... but I don't know, I just had a really good time watching it.

Bloodmarsh K (de) wrote: It's like taking a trip with two old friends..... two really boring friends.. One who can't seem to grow up, and the other being the perfect example of why you wouldn't want to.