Pegasus Vs. Chimera

Pegasus Vs. Chimera

Two mythological creatures battle each other.

A father hunts with his son, slays a monstrous dragon and is confronted by a corrupt tyrant who forces them into battle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pegasus Vs. Chimera torrent reviews

Mira Mohd S (mx) wrote: This quasi sequel to Pyaar Ke Side Effects (2006) is a hilarious & very entertaining new take on the institute of marriage. Farhan Akhtar's indisputable comic timing & charm confirms he is one of the best actors in the industry currently. While Vidya Balan as the typical house wife is just brilliant! The brilliant chemistry among the leads is the main reason the movie works big time! Vir Das, Ila Arun & Ram Kapoor provide humor & drama in their respective supporting roles. The only hamper being the length of the movie (nearly 2hr 30min long) & the unnecessary twisted drama in the climax. Overall Shaadi Ke Side Effects is a great entertainer!!..just dont make Divorce Ke Side Effects..:P

Elliane M (de) wrote: What this movie needed was advertising. You would think that a movie purchased by Paramount pictures would have made a few posters to put up or a commercial for some publicity but there was nothing. As hilarious as it was the public didn't even know about the movie. It could have done much better than it did with a simple poster at the theaters. This movie had so much more potential to bring in a larger audience.

Kate S (gb) wrote: The ending seemed a bit contrived but Dano was completely believable as a neurotic childhood "genius" author and the chemistry between the real life couple was obvious on screen.

Mark K (mx) wrote: It appears to think its clever. I was completely bored the entire movie.

Joanof A (de) wrote: must say bravo!super late review.

Joe B (br) wrote: that third act feels like a punch in the face. he's brilliant

Parker S (it) wrote: A somewhat unnecessary, but still good explanation of the happenings on the pegasus. You don't need to watch it, but its still a good TV movie.

kelly (au) wrote: This "movie" promotes itself for being shocking, banned in the UK, and refused for processing by three film developing studios. It's not shocking, but I for one would ban or not process this film because of how absolutely poorly made it is. I don't even know where to being with my laundry list of complaints.It's edited like someone with severe memory loss and acute ADHD did it. It's written without any regard for form, story, originality, or genuine talent for horror. I only believe there was a person on set, one Nick Palumbo, who called himself a director, but didn't actually bother directing anything other than stock body parts and corn syrup. It's all intentional shock and no genuine scare. On top of that, it's not even thoughtful gore. The blood coloring is off and different in every scene; the splatters are utterly without the logic of physics and more than gratuitous. The majority of props are very weak in terms of appearing real or showing originality; the one exception is a Jack-in-the-Box of a skull which contains a miniature of the killer in it. And this script, more holes than swiss cheese! This killer would have been caught several times over by the end of the film; he is a sloppy killer AND he shots someone in an occupied and no doubt video-monitored adult bookstore (which by the way happens because of an utterly badly placed sudden armed robbery). The film layers on bad horror cliches like an overstuffed sub sandwhich; within two seconds of each other, the killer brandishes a chainsaw and the protagonist gets a butcher knife for defense. I'm not even going to go into how lame it is to throw around Nazi familial connections and serial killer flashbacks to a childhood of mother hatred. This is worth seeing to remind one to treasure the great films that are out there by showing the utter crap in comparison. Shock lovers and gore hounds, prepare for disappointment, as this garbage is not in the same league as most of the video nasty "banned" faux-snuff favorites. I cannot say too many times how much of a waste of time and red dye this film is. AVOID AVOID AVOID Only see it if you MUST fulfill a list of shock films, but then only to note how poor is in comparison to the rest of the field.

Dena S (ru) wrote: some scenes in this movie are just hillarious. i remember watching it 3 times in one day pretty funny gatta rewatch that

TTT C (de) wrote: (**): Thumbs Down Unoriginal but has its moments. Fair at best.

Lance C (ru) wrote: sad very sad watched it a few years back and want to watch it with my little girls

Kerby H (ca) wrote: This is not a great movie by any means, but you can't help but like it. Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore are both pretty bad in this, but they have great chemistry.

Robert H (kr) wrote: Are you looking for a killer rat movie with dogs dressed as rats??? Then look no further then Deadly Eyes. While not the best horror film ever made, Deadly Eyes is a lot of fun to watch and I just loved all the different ways they portrayed the killer rats in the film from real, to puppets, to dogs in costume. This film is good fun and one of those horror films that is often forgotten.

Daniel C (it) wrote: There are some sweet scenes, but also an overabundance of cliche.

Clara V (it) wrote: The movie was okay nothing out of the ordinary seeking redemtion and change movie. Once again halley berry wasn't really good. Del toro was really good.

richard c (mx) wrote: Just a couple of huge stars having a little fun.