Bombay-based Barkha lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed mom and brother, Rakesh, who is to marry a wealthy woman by the name of Maya. Barkha meets with a naive man from Vishnupur by ...

Bombay-based Barkha lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed mom and brother, Rakesh, who is to marry a wealthy woman by the name of Maya. Barkha meets with a naive man from Vishnupur by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fernando Jos G (nl) wrote: Terrible, aburrida, sin efecto alguno. Esta cinta desperdicia en niveles inconcebibles, a una mezcla interesante de tres actores y que lo llevan a algo sin razn de ser. Innecesaria.

Barnabs N (au) wrote: Almost a masterpiece

April V (it) wrote: This didn't really get started until near the end, and I kind of expected some more actual fighting based on seeing The Raid first. This was just too long, and not intense at all.

Paul K (br) wrote: Poliakoff goes all conspiracy theory. The ruling class want peace at any price, even after war is declared. Well, so far so good. But the human drama is highly implausible, and the plot has large holes and clichs throughout. It should be a good watch but is actually unsatisfying on so many levels.

Private U (us) wrote: Documental de la guerra que se vive en las comunas de Medellin

wedstarfish 8 (au) wrote: Since this film was the only Friday The 13th film I haven't seen because of extremely negative reviews, I decided to check it out and feel proud that I've watched all the films in the franchise. Now, I'm really not proud since I just watched this. Without a absolute doubt, Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday is the worst Friday The 13th film ever made. I wasn't expecting much because of what everybody told me about the film, but I was at least expecting a fun experience with a few really nice scenes. But honestly, it wasn't fun. There was nothing fun about this film. Absolutely nothing. This entire film is a failed attempt directed horribly to get money out of more people who were expecting something entertaining. The plot, the characters, the dialogue, the missing of Jason Voorhees in the movie, everything is so unbelievably poor. Your probably wondering about the plot; "Isn't it the same?" No, it's not the same. The location of the film is not even Camp Crystal Lake. The location is a restaurant and a hospital. Yeah. Anyway, this mess centers around Jason Voorhees being murdered by a SWAT team and him being sent to the morgue. A medical doctor doesn't think Jason is dead though, so he eats Jason's heart. Of course, doing that, he turns into Jason basically, with Jason taking over his body and Jason trying to find a new body. The plot then centers around this couple having a baby, and the husband gets killed by the new body controlled by Jason with the old body turning evil with Jason leaving him and taking the baby so he can kill Jason? Yeah, this is terrible. This is honestly nothing. It's not even bad, it's not enjoyable. It's not bad, it's terrible. This is REALLY terrible. It's not even dissapointing, it's just sad they would actually try and make this and slap the Friday The 13th title on it. This is honestly more of a low budget horror film made for the television network SyFy then a theater released Hollywood horror film. This film is a complete waste of time that shouldn't be watched by anybody, it shouldn't have even been made. I honestly don't even remotely see what they were trying to do with this film, because the film didn't even go anywhere. I wanted to re-watch it to actually see if the film was understandable but I didn't because i knew it wasn't, so here's what I do remember. The film starts off with this random girl going to a cabin in Camp Crystal Lake. Now after this, Jason Voorhees attacks, and then the SWAT team basically kills him. I don't know if the girl was told to do that so the SWAT could kill him or the girl just randomly showed up there and decided to shower because that's literally what she does. Jason is then taken to the morgue and this medical doctor thinks he's still alive so he eats Jason's heart and Jason basically controls his body, so he kills some people in the hospital. After that, it's basically Jason going to different bodies while showcasing people's problems and events that have absolutely NOTHING to even do with Friday The 13th. The couple's problems, the doctor's past, the restaurant's problems, the hospital's problems, the problems with having a baby, the birth of the baby, the doctor turning evil again, a new couple, it just goes on and on and on with pointless dull filler that basically adds nothing exciting or new. This film is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and that's pretty harsh but this film is extremely awful and completely brainless and pointless.