Peking Duck Soup

Peking Duck Soup


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Denise T (nl) wrote: I LOOOOVED this movie! I went in expecting it to be great and it did't disappoint. Int he film, Lincoln and Mary's chemistry seemed genuine! Walker, Cooper, and Winstead were all fantastic! One of my favorites!!!

Paul D (kr) wrote: A notch or two above your average Disney family film, this one has a little bit more thought to it, and is poetic in places.

Millo T (nl) wrote: Interesting as a document from post-colonial Africa, but...

Marco L (gb) wrote: Let yourself go and you'll enjoy this ride! Quite unique romantic-drama comedy.

ben m (ag) wrote: RV the Fifth Movie is a First come to my friends there are many different things.

Sophie (fr) wrote: didnt think a huge amount for this, it was in the new release section which is rather random....had alot of strength just not in the best mood to see it.

Cade H (au) wrote: This third installment in the Hellraiser series was the best yet. While it never was more then a decent film, it did enough to make it a worthwhile horror movie with a pretty deranged killer, Pinhead. Like the others, the past history of this whole ordeal is brought up often and in more detail to show the viewers the backstory about how things came to be this way. I enjoyed how things took place in the real world this time instead of like the first two films which mainly took place in a crazy, outer world full of strange unexplainable demons. There were still some ridiculously dumb parts but at least having Pinhead be on earth and seeming more like a true slasher murder, it brought something more to the film. This one left off with a lead in to the next film and lets hope they build off this one and make the series even better.

Sylvester K (ag) wrote: Blood simple is a noir film with all the familiar ingredient except there are countless of twists. This is Coen brothers' first feature film, they've got what it takes to make masterful works at such an early age.

Stephen R (de) wrote: this movie is corny dated and goofyi frickin love itfor mardi gras erafilled with dark cheesy humourand eastwood corny clever linesand hard boiled cop tropesand hookersand good peopleand badand its a relic that i digso thereenjoy if ya like

Gwen H (de) wrote: Beware - very boring, very Allen at his most pretentious.

Paul G (br) wrote: If Quentin Tarantino says it's good, I definitley want to see that movie.

Ola G (mx) wrote: "Shalako" is apparently based on a Louis Lamour western. Shalako (Sean Connery) is a hunter and tracker that bumps into a European hunting party in an area belonging to Apache soil. Amongst the hunting party are Countess Irina Lazaar (Brigitte Bardot), Baron Frederick Von Hallstatt (Peter Van Eyck), Lady Julia Daggett (Honor Blackman) and Sir Charles Daggett (Jack Hawkins). Soon enough the indians are on the hunting partys trail and Shalako will need to protect them from the present danger. This western hardly belongs to the best ones from the 60s. It lacks real suspense and it has too many of those classic theatrical and stiff structures in terms of acting and the general feeling. Sean Connery is ok as Shalako, but that is pretty much it I think.. No, I liked the title song "Shalako, Shalako....." as well!!

Tom R (mx) wrote: Watch this once a year, but AVOID HOME ALONE 4! Yes, Home Alone 4 exists.

Justin G (it) wrote: SINBAD = Greatest comedic actor ever Get outta my way box!

Gerald A (fr) wrote: This is a real good movie that I have on vhs. Now its time to buy it on dvd.

Jennifer B (mx) wrote: Best movie I've ever seen in my life very sad