Pekka ja Pätkä mestarimaalareina

Pekka ja Pätkä mestarimaalareina


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Mike S (ca) wrote: A very powerful and satisfying documentary from Cameron Crowe featuring one of the most important/biggest bands of the 90's. One thing I loved is they barely mentioned Kurt Cobain, as Pearl Jam wasn't in the same scene as them, but they did give credit to Cobain when it was due. Once they got to the lawsuit portion of the documentary, I started to lose interest, but there were some cool moments afterwards.

Trae S (it) wrote: This movie is honestly the most inaccurate document ever made!!! I am in FFA and this does not accurately portray the farming industry! It is an hour and a half long propaganda film for organic... The truth about organic is that it is almost impossible to be truly organic and once it is organic it's not even that great... The farms depicted are not how actual farms are. For the truth do not watch this movie

Hikers F (ru) wrote: Great movie. There is still a large fan-base around today. Movie has been turned into many great stories. This is not a Disney movie, nor a Dream-works, so don't complain about the animation. It is pretty good honestly, and I would recommend this as a great family movie. It has good humor and a good plot. All-in-all, great movie that deserves more.

Ajay V (de) wrote: My fav movie of all time so lite look at hard reality. Beautiful piece of movie casual, violence, trickry, twist etc it has everything but the kitchen sink.

Scott M (ru) wrote: Strong acting carries the otherwise silly script. It has adultery. It has mid-life crisis. It has a voice over narration I hated. But Kate Winslet is as always just awesome. If it wasn't for her I don't think I'd have liked it.

Patrick F (au) wrote: The plot is too similar to the first film. It does make up with decent car chases and a good performance from Burt Reynolds and Jackie Gleason. 3 out of 5.

Candy R (us) wrote: Classic Charlie Chaplin silent movie. Charlie is a clumsy waiter who spends his lunchtime at the roller rink, where he meets his love interest and gets invited to a party.

Ryan V (fr) wrote: Does its best to follow the All Star comic storyline, but leaves quite a bit out. Still, it works well enough to be entertaining.

Corina H (ru) wrote: Surprisingly, really funny. I have this bias towards romantic comedies as them all being terrible, this film however, was genuinely laugh out loud funny. I could care less about the character development and the romance, but none the less it was a good comedy. Definitely enjoyable.