Pekka ja Pätkä miljonääreinä

Pekka ja Pätkä miljonääreinä


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Caleb C (nl) wrote: A very fun and eye opening film for the film geeks. Makes one wish they would spend more time outside than indoors and also inspires interest into the lives of people that may have forgotten to take their crazy pills for years. Lucy Liu is brilliant here and Cillian Muphy is wonderfully oblivious.

Sharetha W (us) wrote: this was a good movie..i actually had to change my text messaging sounded like the phone in the movie

Tony M (ag) wrote: My brother recommended this film to me and it was a good recommendation. I enjoyed Crazy As Hell. 4 stars for this one.

Geoff C (au) wrote: Interesting concept. I don't think the lead actor was the right fit, but I don't think anybody could be. I think the film could have used a little more plot than it had. Basically all it was was an imaginary concert. It could have been so much more. It was sort of fun to watch, it it felt more like a guy in a Hank Williams costume than anything else. He did not evoke Hank's spirit in any way, nor did he sound like him. It felt more like a tribute concert than a direct portrayal.

Rick B (ag) wrote: Noir at it's finest! Gotta love Joan when she is this over the top. The closet scene with the toy is great. Go Joan!

Heather M (it) wrote: This movie was much to slow and ridiculous to watch all the way through. There are much better adaptations of this story so I am going to pass on this one.

Espen G (fr) wrote: Claudia Cardinale <3The movie wasn't great,but not bad either...

Angel B (ru) wrote: i wont watch it a second time

Tony P (br) wrote: I wish that it didn't end like that but i don't care really i rarely see movies like this I love 80's movies this one is one of one watch times but I will never care because I'm not gonna watch it again

bill s (ag) wrote: Hated this offering by the wildly inconsistent Smith......what the hell is this.

Steve S (nl) wrote: serious script problems dog this mediocre multi character drama, plus a weak "all is well" ending

Sherrill F (au) wrote: Some "Stepford Wife" ladies told me they just didn't get it. Which is basically the best compliment it could receive. It's just real, authentic, sweet, true, and honest. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are wonderful in it, as is the story and the rest of the cast. Delightfully raw and quirky without trying hard. Love it.

Daniel Y (kr) wrote: Though it is fun watching the original crew do their first movie and looking at the stunning visuals, Star Trek: The Motion Picture hasn't got anything nor is it even entertaining. This film tries so hard to be interesring that it goes the 2001 route rather than going the Star Trek route that was in the original TV show. But, rather than being a confusing masterpiece like 2001 was, it instead is a snooze fest that has an enemy that is a cloud and only has action in the very beginning when the klingons were being attacked by it and, to add to that, the enterprise only shot 1 blaster and that was at an asteroid while going through a boring wormhole. But, I'm afraid, that this movie will only get support and hardly any enjoyment out of deeply obsessed Star Trek fans and not from anyone else.

Patrick R (ag) wrote: Classic underated slasher appropriate for the times

Sue T (mx) wrote: Posters must not like subtle historic westerns. I LOVE this movie, the interaction between the principals make me smile. Just a truly enjoyable movie.