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Jessica P (kr) wrote: I hate this movie so much! It was cheesy, boring, and stupid. I would never recommend this movie to anyone.

Anna C (ca) wrote: Very tough story but the movie is too slow in the first half.

BRUNO V (br) wrote: If i read the comments from other viewers , i have to say ...some are right , so i give half a star less .On my dvd the second watch is the same

Martine K (nl) wrote: Overlooked little gem, funny charming and poignant

Lucy L (mx) wrote: I found out about this film on IMDB and I thought it looked interesting. I usually like indie films so I figured why not give it a try. Kush is a drug related action film that is full of suspense. The actors were extremely good looking and big names are in the film like James Duval who starred in "Independence Day" and "Gone in Sixty Seconds". He did a great job acting and added appeal to the cast line up. "Kush" is definitely an edgy indie film that 18 to 35 year old males/females will totally dig. Check it out asap, I think you can rent it on Netflix and Redbox. Enjoy!

Jason K (nl) wrote: Any movie with Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" playing in a gun fight is going to be good.

Patti W (kr) wrote: I happen to enjoy Kristin Scott Thomas in anything. Life's hard choices.

James S (us) wrote: This plays like someone once wrote a feature length version of Diagnosis Murder, decided the script wasn't very good and threw it out. Hugh Grant becomes a major star and all of a sudden someone unearths a script for an affable British actor to play a doctor. But it's still not very good. It starts well enough, Grant is the NYC doc who is intrigued by a patient who comes in and dies on the table, exhibiting strange behaviour. Naturally, Grant's inquisitive nature gets himself in all sorts of bother as the rather boring explanation unfolds. The film manages to retain a slightly sinister edge for most if its first hour but falters badly once the plot details are begun to be revealed. From there on it becomes highly predictable and uninteresting. Grant is okay, this was made when he was still relatively new to all the attention, but he's been much better. Sarah Jessica Parker is a bit of a nobody in this, she just sort of fills a space on the screen rather than really doing anything. Gene Hackman is not on screen nearly enough for his character to make the impact it should have. Overlong, and shot like it was made for TV, this is fine up until it begins to lose it's grip and subsequently any kind of drama or tension it was building up. A good first hour followed by a sleep inducing second.

Ben L (ca) wrote: Ministry of Fear is a film about a man who, upon being released from an asylum, accidentally gets tangled up in a dangerous web of spies. The inciting incident comes early in the film, and it is shockingly similar to the case of mistaken identity in North By Northwest. Those scenes early on were strange almost as if they took place in some kind of altered reality. It was so odd that I thought the twist of the film was going to be that he was still insane, but it turns out he's just stepped into a world that he does not understand. Therefore, it probably makes sense for the scenes to feel a little off to the viewer as well. The story is not as interesting as most Fritz Lang films I've seen, and I'll admit that I lost interest at least once while watching. The far-fetched deus ex machina moment that solves almost everything towards the end was just too silly for me to accept.However, I still admire the quality of the film-making. Lang has a particular style that is superb and elevates even a lesser film like this one. Plus, despite all the flaws in the film, I was intrigued enough to keep watching to find out exactly how it would end. Ray Milland was a little bland in the lead role, I wish he had displayed more emotion because his trials were pretty severe. Finally, I should mention that it felt extremely awkward to see Marjorie Reynolds in such a serious role and faking an accent, because I'm so familiar with her from Holiday Inn. There's a lot that I struggled to enjoy in Ministry of Fear, but the film still looked great and had enough mystery to hold my attention for the relatively short run-time. It's not a movie I will recommend, because Lang has better films in his repertoire, but I also wouldn't discourage people from giving it a chance.

Jimmy H (fr) wrote: If your into buff bodies, you'll enjoy "Generation Iron." If body building isn't your thing, don't waste your time or money. Body builders I know out at Venice Beach tell me it's a great documentary. Arnold Schwarzenegger approves, but he'd better, it's his money that made this movie happen.

Sylvain Y (gb) wrote: Maybe the most anti-war vietnam film, Stone's best film. A must see.

Isla B (us) wrote: Got bored once they escaped.