Pelican Blood

Pelican Blood


A love story set in the world of obsessive birdwatchers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leonardo Malacay S (nl) wrote: Genial, una muestra ms de las buenas producciones britnicas.Hasta un persona en apariencia fro como Churchill es reflejado de una manera conmovedora.

Cooper H (ru) wrote: Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones team up for an amazing adventure involving alternate timelines and more. The plot is unique and interesting and following the journey of Colter Stevens keeps you wondering.

John H (it) wrote: really cool adaptation of peter pan, kind of twisted in a goth kind of way

Andreas K (au) wrote: Hade det inte varit fr alla pattar....

Claire H (br) wrote: just checked this out because of Callas being in the title. But I rather enjoyed it. Maria Callas sure dressed with style and poise in Chanel.

Gavin M (ag) wrote: Moderately entertaining sequel to 1997's Mimic, with Alix Koromzay promoted from kooky sidekick to leading lady, and she makes a reasonable fist of it. Story's a bit daft by the end, but it nevertheless keeps you engaged with some decent set-pieces (for a dvd sequel).

Gern B (br) wrote: This wasn't your typical zombie holocaust movie. Funny, insightful, and well written, the actors did this over-the-top satire justice.

AZ D (br) wrote: A heavy on the cheese 80's film that tried to bank on the dance and martial arts craze that took place during this era thanks to films like FLASHDANCE, BREAKIN', RAPPIN', KRUSH GROOVE, BLOODSPORT and others. This is a definite predecessor to such films as YOU GOT SERVED and the rest of those shitty urban dance films. It has the same ol' 80's recipe as our hero learns the Brazilian martial art Capoiera to enhance his dancing skills and kick some drug dealer ass in the process. The flick has got all the standard elements... dancing, gang wars on rooftops, streetfights, training sequence, love and revenge. You could say this is all that made the 80's action cheese great rolled up into one movie! This guilty pleasure of mine might surprise you and who might actually like it!!

C Napoli IT (au) wrote: Awesome movie, sudden twists and a great storyline...

Matthew H (ca) wrote: The Gold Rush overall is an okay effort on Chaplin's part. Once he gets into darker, more serious territory, the movie doesn't soar as much as funny scenes do. However, the love story adds some spark to the film, so it's worth watching.

David F (es) wrote: This is a little bit grittier version of the kind of teen 1980s movies John Hughes used to make. It's also about Los Angeles and presented from the perspective of girls so their problems with their parents, peers, and boys are presented from the distaff point of view, making 'Foxes' somewhat unique. There's also some great quotes, like this one from a mother addressing her daughter: "Maybe the whole bunch of you is sick. You booze you dope you sleep with whoever. I don't even know who you are. You look like kids but you don't act like em. You're short 40 year olds and you're tough ones." And this one: "Just because they fit you for a diaphragm doesn't make you a woman."

Ross B (ag) wrote: Good movie some effects are annoying

Sasy N (de) wrote: [10/11] Dieser Film ist leider alles andere als spannend und die Besetzung ist zum Teil aich kaum zu ertragen. Normalerweise mag ich Milla Jovovich wirklich gern, aber hier wirkte sie blass und emotionslos.

Less d (mx) wrote: I know that you don't believe in God but maybe you can believe in family.