Pelle Politibil går i vannet

Pelle Politibil går i vannet

A fallen electrical cable zaps Radar the Police Car and grants him special powers, but his new found energy brings new found responsibilities. Radar now has what it takes to stand up to the...

A fallen electrical cable zaps Radar the Police Car and grants him special powers, but his new found energy brings new found responsibilities. Radar now has what it takes to stand up to the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John L (it) wrote: gbnbvghjngghnbbbbbbbb;bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbjhhhhhhhhnhhghjggbfghhcvhj

Matt B (au) wrote: Julianne Moore, I love you but I HATE that you chose to star in this movie. The Forgotten is an incoherent episode of The X-Files that just grows dumber and dumber and dumber. Dominic West is terrible as Moore's sidekick who likes to beat people up. This is a nice premise executed badly.

Claudette A (br) wrote: I didn't really get this movie; just about a disfunctional family in the 70's.

Edward K (jp) wrote: The important thing to remember is that this film is a fictional characterization based on events and conditions surrounding the real Torgny Segerstedt and is not meant to be biographical in the literal sense. The symbolism of autumn leaves in a stream and the paternalistic adoration of dogs over human relationships are excellent touches that enhance the ageing protagonist's narcissistic character. By the end of the film you are left questioning whether Torgny was a good man or a self-indulgent bastard; and that is as it should be when realistically portraying the flawed character of the public hero as a saint with clay feet. The black and white cinematic treatment helps us concentrate on the psychological elements of each character and is in line with our mental bias that events of that period are recollected in muted greys. Though not great film it was overall an excellent artistic effort on the part of the director and the cast.

Lalo V (ag) wrote: cunta esperanza puede encerrar la desesperanza!

Peter S (mx) wrote: Bhansali's film is not your typical 'Bollywood' serving, free from many of the ingredients that typify the genre, this is nonetheless one of the best films the industry has churned out in recent years. Being partly adapted to the true life story of Helen Keller, this provides the basis of the inspirational tale to follow, but there is a lot more to this than the tugging of emotional threads on the viewer. The extensive use of imagery makes this a visually stunning piece, with Bhansali making sure his vision is realized to the full from a visual aesthetic, the use of light, colours and shadows fantastic. The setting could be anywhere but at the same time it is nowhere, almost in a 'Kubrick'-ian manner that also adds a little more to the universality of the subject matter. What starts off as being a slow and almost contrived film with not much scope transforms into an emotional tale of the human spirit and success without getting to overly sentimental (albeit it is an extremely moving film). Mukerji and (moreso) Bachchan are superb in the lead roles, their intensity as good as anything you will see from their western 'Hollywood' counterparts. Excellent film.

Dervilla O (us) wrote: Lowenstein balances the needs of the comedic pain with the exigencies of dramatic truth very well. Totally strange, quirky and profound. So outside the norms which is another reason why I enjoyed it so much!

Eric B (it) wrote: This movie is sexy, crime, and thriller. Sharon Stone did some gutsy and daring acting in this movie! But the plot was cheesy, corny, and boring. I gave this 3 stars because of Michael Douglas and Sharon Stones performances. Without them, the rating would probably go down to 1 1/2 stars.

Alverto A (au) wrote: Una verdadera obra de arte. El personaje deja un gran mensaje, su profundidad es tan perfecta que incluso sientes por l, o por lo menos te hace algn sentimiento o pensamiento. Visualmente es perfecta, con un conjunto de imgenes bien trabajados. Historia impecable. El manejo del tiempo es nico. Esta pelcula es uno de los productos artsticos y perfectos de la cinematografa, que quedarn en la memoria e historia de la humanidad

Inta K (fr) wrote: watchable. nothing too good