Pelota de cuero

Pelota de cuero

The plot of the film focuses on the decline of a long-time footballer at Club Boca Juniors. A player who does not change colors and can not conceive of any alternative but to play in the club of which he is fan fanatic.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1963
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Pelota de cuero torrent reviews

Honie J (kr) wrote: It was a ok movie. It would have been better if actors or better work on the writing.

Dianne W (ru) wrote: This film looks funny and moving too. Irish stepdancing, who knew it had world competitions? I can't wait 'til this documentary hits the US.

Carolina B (kr) wrote: A "bla" kind of movie, not unbearable but not enjoyable either.

Jason H (es) wrote: Much better than I anticipated, but not something I'd sit through again.

Y M (kr) wrote: funny and good stuff. Gina was funny too.

Jaime W (nl) wrote: Phenomenally underrated masterpiece. What I like is the underlying current that I think gets lost somewhere in the plot twists and turns....the idea that "do we really know who our neighbors are? Do we even talk to them?"

Drew G (fr) wrote: I am not a Trek fan but this movie was hilarious and very interesting. It's so odd to see how a tv series takes over some peoples' lives.

Tiago L (ag) wrote: Hal Hartley um dos diretores desconhecidos mais legais do momento. As Confisses de Henry Fool seu trabalho mais conhecido. uma obra-prima que consegue ser engraada, as vezes quase demente, e extremamente inteligente, e convenhamos que essa combinao rara. Homenagem do diretor a literatura, inicialmente estabelece uma relao interessante e "faustiana" entre seus personagens principais para depois subverter e criar um panorama interessante da sociedade americana e a maneira com que ela lida com a arte. Hartley um desses diretores nicos que consegue dar uma assinatura ousada e funcional a obra. Vale dizer que esta obra tem duas horas e vinte minutos e parece ter uma hora e meia apenas quando assistido. Isso porque o diretor no enrola. Muitas coisas acontecem no filme, mas no se perde tempo com trivialidades. Se um personagem tem muitas folhas na mo, magicamente aperece um envelope; Se dois personagens precisam noivar, um anel vai aparecer do nada e assim por diante. O resultado cmico e inteligente. As Confisses de Henry Fool um dos melhores filmes independentes lanados nesta dcada e vale ser assistido por todos que amam o cinema de baixo-oramento e, oras, por qualquer um que ame o cinema.

Eden L (br) wrote: As a documentary, this fails, as it provides precious little information about each song and people, but as a musical exploration of the Romany people, it soars. If you love traditional music and songs, this one will be an utter joy.

Jon P (it) wrote: Brimming with glitzy gaiety and cocky comedy, Andrew Bergman's Honeymoon In Vegas is 96 minutes of solid escapism. The film makes a fantastic showcase for Nicolas Cage's angsty antics, particularly when he takes to skydiving in an Elvis costume, yet one can't help but feel that Cage and Caan's conflicts could've taken up one or two more scenes. After all, when are these guys ever likely to share the screen again? Fun, but far from fantastic.

RiP M (jp) wrote: Alluring, wistful romance never goes for easy answers. Fueled by undeniable romantic chemistry. One of the best date movies ever.

winda n (de) wrote: yagen bob snif bumber clot it

Katie R (ca) wrote: Worth watching if for no other reason than to see future husband and wife Gable and Lombard together on screen.

Alec B (es) wrote: I accidentally watched Meet the Fockers before Meet the Parents and actually found the sequel to be funnier however both were great!

Stuart M (ca) wrote: A surprisingly deep and thoughtful film given that it sticks quite close to the narrative of game show fraud. It manages to dredge up class differences, character drama, and the moral obligations of "reality TV". Honestly, this would have worked much better as a HBO movie. It feels a bit like a procedural much of the time, but that works to its advantage as we feel like we're witnesses to real events. Which of course we are, for a given nature of "real". Woah, that just got meta!Fun fact: the main guy lives only a few miles away from our summer home and teaches just down the road from us. I've probably run into him before.

Keenan S (nl) wrote: Sphere is a much-maligned and underrated sci-fi flick. Mostly I had only heard that this film was bad and a generic knock-off of much better sci-fi films before it. Still, when I came across it, I decided to take a chance with it and I'm glad I did because I enjoyed Sphere tremendously. Does it have a lot familiar ideas? Yes. Does it present them in a way that's interesting? I think it does, and I think it presents these ideas in a compelling and fascinating experience.When a spacecraft is discovered at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, a team is assembled to go down and explore the ship, as well as make any possible contact with whoever, or whatever is down there. The team consists of a psychologist, a biochemist, a mathematician, an astrophysicist, and a government agent. The team was assembled based on the notes of the psychologist who wrote a report on how to deal with alien contacts for the president (Solely for the large paycheck, of course), and now the team is left baffled as to how to handle their current predicament of exploring an unknown spacecraft.As they explore the craft, many strange discoveries are made, such as the fact the ship seems to have crashed on Earth 300 years ago, it turns out to be American, and there's a strange, seemingly living sphere within the ship that the crew has no idea of what its purpose is.So, the mathematician decides to go into the sphere to see what it is, and shortly after many strange things begin to occur to him and people who came in close contact with the sphere, including deaths and their deepest and darkest fears begin to surface. Is it real, or is it something psychological? What is the sphere? Now the crew must figure out what is going on, before it's too late.Many critics and moviegoers alike have torn the story to pieces. I will admit that it does have some pretty wacky moments at times (Like when Queen Latifah's character gets stung to death by an unknown species of jellyfish), but I found the story to be very interesting and engaging, especially in its psychological elements as the viewer watches the characters' mental states begin to collapse in their frightening predicament. I also enjoyed how the characters were developed and how the film explored their inner fears as they were exposed, and I also enjoyed the mystery and intrigue surrounding the sphere, and how the characters never truly figure out what the sphere is. I found it to be a very engaging and complex film with many layers to its story that I was eager to unravel.Not only is the story terrific, but the acting is also really good. Then again, it should be, as the three main actors are Dustin Hoffman (Straw Dogs), Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct), and Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction). The acting across the board is pretty good, but the three leads are simply top-notch in their performances and how they added even more depth to their characters thanks to their acting abilities. It was hard to take my eyes off the screen as I watched them perform.Sphere is a very slow-paced sci-fi film, but I love the slow-paced sci-fi films that take their time to unfold and how they develop their characters. The story is rich in many ideas and character development, while also sporting psychological horror, suspense, tension, and mystery all seamlessly woven together in a deliciously compelling experience from beginning to end. I was always engaged, riveted, and entertained no matter the scenario.Sphere is a very underrated film that deserves much better response and attention. It's not perfect and it can be uneven at times, but I think it has a lot to offer in storytelling, character development, and so much more. If you enjoy some of the lesser-known sci-fi films and also enjoy the slow-paced ones, you might find something to enjoy here.

Graydon B (it) wrote: While the first 10 minutes are some of the best of cinema history, the rest of Up, while cute and entertaining, is pretty underwhelming in comparison with those first 10 minutes. Not a bad film, but personally not one of my favorites.