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Pelukan janda hantu gerondong


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Amber S (kr) wrote: A quietly quirky sweet little story of pending parenthood that made me smile rather than laugh.

cli o (es) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Mariyam N (au) wrote: It is just beautiful.. i didn't know what the storyline was duh!! but can't say its crap.. itz soo nice watching the animation only.. its too beautiful

Neeraj R (de) wrote: A captivating storyline, well-wrought characters, sociopolitical struggle, stellar music and coreography, and a nail-biting game of cricket; what's not to like?

miche m (ca) wrote: Buy it! Such a well done movie. I'm interested in seeing it on stage, but honestly not sure how they'll pull of some of the backstage gags from the movie which are the best. I agree that the beginning is slow, but the second half more than compensates. In fact once you begin rewatching it, you don't even realize how slow it starts. I do agree that the ending is a bit abrupt, but that's probably appropriate.

Eric B (ca) wrote: The gritty cinematography and coarse characterizations of "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" are an exciting jolt, but the film's central plot -- a hotheaded factory worker (Albert Finney, in a star-making role) impregnating married Brenda (Rachel Roberts) while also wooing the more glamorous Doreen (Shirley Anne Field) -- seemed a little thin and ordinary. Given the harsh setting, I expected more issues of money, employment and housing, and not a story based so squarely on mere dating conflicts.Finney blisters in what's inevitably labeled an "angry young man" part and signals an actor with a long career ahead. Field seems miscast, however, and is so elegantly beautiful that she belongs in a whole different film. At the very least, the stylist could have given her a more flawed hairdo.

Karla V (br) wrote: Loved it! Elvis is so cool and a natural for acting.

Eric H (au) wrote: It is a good film, very entertaining film. You will see images of Bogart which are entirely uncharacteristic.Warner Brothers put this film out to make people see how bad the Klan was.Obivously a top film, and still as entertaining and interesting today as it was then.

Tina H (ag) wrote: my kids love the dancing in this movie. some of the storyline seems to be copied from other movies in my opinion.

Jacob G (es) wrote: This is the worst movie ever made it is terrible billy Madison is the most annoying unlikeable character and I hate him I LOATHE this movie

Eric H (mx) wrote: Die Hard helped define the modern action genre. That's good enough for a solid movie, but it's the characters that put it over the top.

Denise A (gb) wrote: Turned out to be a good movie.

Dustin G (kr) wrote: The film feels realistic, has a great look and some fine performances, but it roots wholeheartedly for the affair between Gere's character and Hutton's. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, it is a Hollywood movie after all and we're talking about a guy who's a gigolo for a living, but still...overall just not as good as Schrader's Hardcore, or Taxi Driver for that matter.