Penny's Shadow

Penny's Shadow

During a riding vacation on the island Ameland, a young girl discovers a dangerous horse who distrust people. To prove that the horse isn't dangerous at all the girl secretly trains the horse to trust humans again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Penny's Shadow torrent reviews

Kittyta S (jp) wrote: if u r into a new concept of anime you have to watch this!!!!!!! :) i like it!

Cristhian B (kr) wrote: Just started watching the first 5 min. and I'm already hooked.

Russell H (mx) wrote: not too bad. also good for some nostalgia if you're a Sox fan.

jay n (es) wrote: Alittle overheated but Kim is beautiful and all the performances are well done.

Terrence N (ca) wrote: James Bond plays a fag is how my father describes this film and it's a pretty apt description. Rufus Excalibur Ffolkes hates women, loves cats and chooses a profession where he leads and lives with a group of wet beefy commandos. Ffolkes also doesn't mind rushing a freezing cold "boy" into a hot shower but when he undresses the lad and finds out the he's really a she, you can see the disappointment in his eyes. I never really cared all that much for Roger Moore as Bond, sure he produced some good films during his run but I was never sold on his version of Bond. Seeing this film I wish there was a Ffolkes series because he's an interesting character and Moore plays him superbly. The rest of the film is Die Hard on a boat (I know this came out before but it still reminded me of such) that plays out as you'd expect. Ffolkes takes a break from knitting kitty pictures and downing whisky to harpoon Norman Bates in the stomach saving the fucking day. How is ffolkes rewarded for his bravery? With a box of three cute white kittens that almost brings him to tears. Ffolkes is ffucking awesome.

Craig W (mx) wrote: Tense thriller. Alan Arkin is brilliant as a cold, calculating villain.Do I own this DVD = YES!

Fernando P (nl) wrote: Great feel good teen sports movie.

Josh S (kr) wrote: One of the scariest films I've ever seen.

ChillinDylan G (au) wrote: To me, this is the 2nd best love story ever to hit the screen (behind Casablanca). Perhaps my love of Shakespeare has something to do with it; but, this is an incredibly emotion and heartfelt film. I was always lukewarm on Gwyenth Paltrow until I saw this movie - and she quickly became one of my favorite actresses because of it. Her chemistry with Joseph Fiennes is powerful, and the last 20 minutes are as strong as any romantic movie I have seen. Great work from Geoffrey Rush and Ben Affleck as important side characters, but it is Paltrow and Fiennes who steal the show. This is a quintessential movie about Shakespeare that isn't actually one of his plays (though it is heavily influenced by Romeo & Juliet).Grade = 9/10

Amanda T (fr) wrote: Total tear jerker & really good acting! Two thumbs up!