Pennywise: Home Movies

Pennywise: Home Movies

Documentary of shows and experiences of Southern California's punk rock band.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:45 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Pennywise: Home Movies torrent reviews

Ben C (gb) wrote: It's okay, not really on par with past pokemon films and I didn't care for the talking trio and Keldeo.

Abdul I (fr) wrote: How damn cool movie this is...I speaks silent...It touches our heart, our senses with out any words...not illogical, not cinematic, but not boring...has no stunts, not punch dialogs, no illogical climax, no compromise in the fact..It has humor, love, pain, truth,music, sentiment, joy, friendship..but all in the line of the separate track...In my life, always first rank goes to MOZHI.

First L (de) wrote: Sure Heather Graham's cute, but these films are BORING. Yet another movie about aimless Manhattanites, none of whom we really care about, and, of course, ALL of them have extreme tragedies they're living with. So, one by one they find what they need in another and blah, blah, blah. Boring.

Albert P (de) wrote: bof....somewhat entertaining but something is missing to make a good thriller, imho

Andrew P (es) wrote: good movie... a littel stange but overall a great movie to watch on a saturday night :)

bill s (fr) wrote: Some nice action sequences but that gets old quick.

Scott C (kr) wrote: I don't really remember this.

Jaime R (au) wrote: I've never exactly understood how come this one gets so much hate only for being darker than the original.

Zaar D (ca) wrote: The only speedy about this movie was the audience to the exits

Shiela E (br) wrote: This is what started it all for me. It was the first Agatha Christie related film I ever saw and the first of her books that I read. after all this time, it is still my favorite. at the time, the idea of someone killing people based on some element of pop culture like the recent film, The Raven, was a novel and new concept. the ending was a bit of a surprise as well. now that I am older, I probably could have figured out the only logical solution, the one that made sense, but as as a kid, I was taken off guard. recommended for anyone who wishes to get into christie-a great introduction.

Michael U (mx) wrote: I love Bogey. This great antifascist flick was his first lead role.

Michael N (br) wrote: Chevy Chase at the top of his crazy game (next to Fletch). This movie captures the family hell of holidays like no other. The movie has heart a midst the slapstick and sarcasm. Clark Griswold is just trying to give his family a nice Christmas. If you give me the choice between this film or "It's a Wonderful Life..." I'm going to choose this movie.

James H (ru) wrote: 4.5/10. Strictly routine and unoriginal, nothing new here. Burt Reynolds is fair, he doesn't seem to want to be making the film, Theresa Russell is actually bad. I usually like her work, but she is miscast in this and her acting is awful. Slow moving, not very exciting. A waste of talent.

Yovanka V (ag) wrote: this is the coolest movie of vampire i have ever seen.

Leonard D (us) wrote: A childhood nightmare which still gives me the creeps till this day! Modern CGI won't be able to recreate the uniqueness and quality that this one has after the past few decades!