Gertie Waxted (Myrna Loy) knows how a notorious gangster Jim Crelliman runs his rackets, because she’s long been under the hoodlum’s thumb. No more. She’s secretly helping lawyer Jackson Durant (Warner Baxter) in a snoop job aimed at pinning a murder on the thug. Her life will be in peril when that secret gets out.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1933
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   bribery,   murder,  

Racketeer Tony Gazotti is thankful that lawyer Jackson Durant helps him beat a murder rap, but Durant just does it for the thrill of it and refuses payment. Durant's defense of mobsters ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Penthouse torrent reviews

Sandra R (gb) wrote: dont like drama so much, but this is a nice one;)

Brandon A (us) wrote: This movie was (GREAT)

Angie M (ca) wrote: boring a real ket down. the first one was great this one is trash. mosto f the music was shit except a few(give them props for included Bahaous but ICP? yuck) see the oringal its so much better

Tom H (us) wrote: this was actually pretty damn good. it is a b-movie, but a really good b-movie. the action was good and it is great to see Dolph in something that doesn't suck!(referring to films made after universal soldier).

Tim M (ru) wrote: Much funnier and darker than Miike's Japanese remake. No musical or surreal farce here, just grim humor. An early look at stars Song Kang-ho and Cho Min-sik.

James C (ag) wrote: One of those classic "Yeah, he really did that!" Jackie Chan movies that strikes the perfect balance between comedy, action and story. Some of the best stunts and choreography of his career.

Howie G (jp) wrote: I waNt the who set on flixter you guys should sell a bundle

Michael R (br) wrote: A painfully dull worthless sequel. The worst entry in the franchise.

Stella D (es) wrote: pretty creepy cool. marred somewhat by a silly ending but lorre is great. it's alive, i tell you, it's alive!

Adrian C (ag) wrote: i really did like this movie

Howard B (ca) wrote: This seemed like a complete amateur film. Lines were bad, plot was very mediocre, filming was a bit amateur. Action scenes were largely nothing special. I don't know how Cuba Gooding Jr. decided to be in this film, but it definitely was not one of his better performances. Thumbs down in my book.

Jen M (jp) wrote: Oh, my, was this movie horrid. It hit several horror tropes, and did the worst version of each. We rooted for the demise of all the main characters. We laughed at their pain and complained about how ridiculous and stupid they were. Watching this was a complete waste of time.