Penunggu istana

Penunggu istana

A team of ghost hunters investigates an old palace where the crew of a TV series previously encountered some paranormal phenomena.

A team of ghost hunters investigates an old palace where the crew of a TV series previously encountered some paranormal phenomena. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clarence F (jp) wrote: The movie started out interesting but the main plot is poor

Gary M (es) wrote: It was okay. Could of been better though.

Ercides R (us) wrote: Apesar da animao ser de primeira qualidade, faltou criatividade na histria.

Justin J (gb) wrote: C-The Mooring is definitely not a terrible movie, but its also not a great movie. The acting is amateurish at best, no one really stands out other than the girl's camp leader who's about in her 40s but she did have better acting than the rest. The girls were all one dimensional, and you could barley tell the girls apart because you really didn't get to know any of them. I wouldn't call this a horror film its more of a beginning directors thriller. Hardly any blood, but when a girl died I did feel bad because these girls did feel real which is what gave the movie an extra star. Overall its nothing too exciting or fun, worth a watch on a boring rainy Saturday night.

Rebecca B (kr) wrote: Can't even give it a star, it's that shitty!


Jay H (es) wrote: The main characters were abusive and pathetic, and the story dragged on until it seemed pointless to me. A part of me wants to say that it must be good in a more unconventional way because it explored a flawed and doomed relationship instead of a happily-ever-after one, but the truth is I just didn't enjoy it. All of the characters' actions were ridiculous to me (especially the constant "please stay/take me back" which has always annoyed me in any movie). I think the only reason I got through the movie is because of Leonardo DiCaprio and his very fanservice-y scenes.

Dylan K (es) wrote: Nice Animation. I liked this movie.

Thomas C (ag) wrote: When Sergio Leone does a movie he REALLY does it. And here's another proof of his unique talent. His last movie, and first since at least 9 years shows a reached maturity as a director and a human being.

Grant S (es) wrote: Initially intriguing, though overwrought, but ultimately pointless and silly.A Hollywood adaptation of Akira Kurosawa's "Rashomon". Three men meet at a deserted station in the middle of nowhere. Soon their discussion turns to the trial that occurred in the nearby town the previous say. The trial concerned the death of a man. Three people claim they killed him, and we see their version of the events. Who is correct and why are two of them (at least...) lying?From the outset there is a degree of unnecessary complexity about the script. The script is overly wordy, almost to the point of being Shakespearean, and feels padded. The plot is quite interesting but as it goes on it becomes less and less plausible, and feels complex just for the sake of it. Soon the holes appear, none of which are filled in by the end of the movie.After a point the implausibility and complexity have descended into farce. The last few scenes are quite silly and ultimately you're left wondering what the point was and even possibly what the story was...The casting provides some interesting appearances. Paul Newman puts in a good, almost over-the-top, performance as the Mexican bandit. William Shatner is there, as a preacher (two years later Star Trek started...). Edward G Robinson gets the role of the verbose swindler (he is largely responsible for my "Shakespearean" comment). Laurence Harvey and Claire Bloom put in reasonably solid performances as the married couple. To be honest, even though many regard Rashomon as a classic, I don't. The plot for The Outrage demonstrates why Rashomon is overrated.

Andres G (au) wrote: Sam Shepard performs well, the idea of the story is interesting and the photography and staging in Bolivia are breathtaking.But the performance of the story into a movie is boring and it hurts to see such a good actor as Noriega playing such a bad role.Clearly, the direction failed to make a good set of individual promises into a better mix.