The Story of the workers who had participated of the striker movement in the Brazil with President Lula when he was a syndical leader

The Story of the workers who had participated of the striker movement in the Brazil with President Lula when he was a syndical leader . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Philip W (br) wrote: A cast consisting of James Franco, Emma Roberts, and the introduction of a striking Jack Kilmer (son of Val), Palo Alto doesn't have an original story per say, yet that doesn't stop it from captivating it's audience from start to finish. Focusing mainly on a group of students in a small town with little parental guidance or authority, the audience observes the different social actions and decisions made accordingly by these late teens discovering themselves in a seemingly free world. The colors and dialogue in this film are it's high points, making it a humorous, deep thinking film the viewer will want to go back to. Also great seeing the subject advancing much further than just the basic sex, drugs story we've all grown accustomed to.

mark d (es) wrote: 2012: Toronto International Film Festival Official Selection 2012: New York Jewish Film Festival Official Selection 2013: Lola Award for Best Actress for Barbara Sukowa and Silver Lola for Best Film, Deutscher Filmpreis 2013: Guild Film Award-Gold from the Guild of German Art House Cinemas 2013: Audience Award for Best Narrative Film, Women + Film Voices Film Festival, Denver 2013: Best Actress for Barbara Sukowa, Bavarian Film Awards 2013: Best Actress nomination for Barbara Sukowa, European Film Awards

Bram C (fr) wrote: A raw portrayal of nature vs. nurture. Lanthimos produces an intriguing film using dark humor and realism. It will leave you bewilderd.

Hank H (au) wrote: impressive what two actors can do for the whole span of a flick. they peel away layer by layer the inhibitions of a man and a woman on each side of a split screen. playful depiction of what could have been along with closure.

Neal B (au) wrote: Makes you want to spend the rest of your life in Bhutan ... but first meditate on this idea that the grass is greener anywhere other than "here."

bill s (au) wrote: I love John Woo but boy was he the wrong director for this film.

Beth D (nl) wrote: This is so much more than just a football movie. Loved it...more people should see this film.

Jayakrishnan R (au) wrote: 77%Ask me which one I like more, this one or the sequel?, My answer would definitely be Shanghai Noon.

Alana W (ca) wrote: Brilliant for allowing Billy Hanson to go un-dissected. A story told how it really was, as life really is, not how we wish it to fall logically into place. Far too much truth being told about these characters. There is a bit of collision of perspective with John Kelso's outlook though. The book does not seem to read quite the same way, and Cusack's character seems to almost apologize to the audience at times for the quirks of the people around him. It's almost as if the contrast is that Southerners are open about what other people deny individually, because Southerners use an instrument of mass denial that anything really counts...namely religion, because we are all 'forgiven' anyway. It's a beautiful film.

Chetan B (nl) wrote: Have lost count how many times i have watched this movie!! everytime its as refreshing as ever... just love watching madhuri over n over

hannah m (ag) wrote: i just love this film about bruce lee's life! And Jason Scott Le is just HOT!

Paddi B (nl) wrote: A must see for U2 fans, casual or die hard. This is a gritty, realistic portrayal of this brilliant band filmed in their stomping grounds of Dublin. The version of "I Still Haven't Found.." with the gospel choir from Harlem is worth the price of admission.

Agata G (fr) wrote: I guess this is going to be my new favorite in romance department. Matlin's performance is worh 3 or 4 Academy Awards,not one,and I'm mesmerized by the lines. Great job, Randa Haines!

Ryan S (fr) wrote: This is really one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It's ludicrous to have someone say "didn't we all agree before that if the apocalypse happened this would be the best place to ride it out?" None of the characters in this film conveyed the weight of the situation, it was like watching Real World on MTV with fake radio reports of the end of the world. Don't waste your time this movie is wretched.

Kel P (ca) wrote: Pretty awesome concept!

Chris G (br) wrote: Barnett has Campbell traipsing across a bleak post apocalyptic landscape in this downbeat schlock that foreshadows the Wachowskis' Matrix.