People on Sunday

People on Sunday

A semi-documentary experimental 1930 German silent film created by amateurs with a small budget. With authentic scenes of the metropolis city of Berlin, it's the first film from the later famous screenwriters/directors Billy Wilder and Fred Zinnemann.

Edwin, a taxi driver, lives with Annie, a neurasthenic model. They plan to spend Sunday at the Nikolassee beach with Wolfgang, an officer, gentleman, antiquarian, gigolo, at the moment a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maria B (ag) wrote: A new/different perspective to contemplate about.

Francisco R (es) wrote: This film was a little risky considering the spiritual side of things, but overall this was definitely a beautiful EYE-opening film. I don't know how to put it into words.

Ian C (ca) wrote: I enjoyed this a lot better on this rewatch. McCarthy is hilarious especially her verbal spats with the Albino and a text-book twitch off Bullock.

Cameron M (us) wrote: Reminiscent of the likes of American Beauty (not necessarily a bad thing) A White Bird in a Blizzard has an appropriate cast but overall the film is confused on whether it wants to focus on being a family mystery or a thriller of sexual discovery.

Ryan A (de) wrote: What I got to say about "Flicka: Country Pride" is that it's an okay of a movie. The performances by the hole cast is okay. The directing by Michael Damian is fine. The screenplay by Jen Robinson is fine. The cinematography in this movie is good. And finally the score in this is good. "I got to report that "Flicka: Country Pride" is an a movie that may be enjoyable movie to watch, but there is times that it slow down but other then that a decent movie."

Jennifer L (jp) wrote: Fortunately, this movie picked up towards the end. Not as good as the last Leslie Mann movie that I watched ("The Other Woman"), but good for some laughs. I've watched to see this one for awhile & had high hopes. Perhaps I built it up too much.

Kaila W (nl) wrote: fantastic. seriously.

Cameron J (gb) wrote: Hilarious and eye-opening even to someone who's already a skeptic. Not everyone will like Bill Maher's journalistic style.

Roxanne R (ag) wrote: Just okay but good effort by the writers and directors..

David L (nl) wrote: My god, this was awful! I quite enjoyed 'Shark Attack 2', but this just threw away the chance to make a credible trilogy. It didn't get off to the greatest of starts, with a vast array of cheesy acting (notably John Barrowman), and extremely poor camera work, resulting in confusing action scenes. Despite being a relatively modern take on a shark movie, there were no signs of advances in digital technology, or special effects, and the introuction of the Megalodon half way through the film, was a very comical last straw. The graphics used to portray numerous victims being swallowed by a 10-foot wide sharks mouth were shockingly bad, and you come away feeling you've been subjected to more of a comedy, than a thriller - especially when Barrowman randomly asks his female co-star after a hard day of shark battling, if he can take her home to 'eat her p*ssy'.............the pinnacle of realism!

Angela R (jp) wrote: whoever says this dull and not funny obviously does not live in the south!!!!!!!! i love this movie. one of the best besides the goonies will always be my top 2 movies great!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ronnie G (ag) wrote: This is ausome funny to dont mess wit chris

Dave J (gb) wrote: At the beginning, 15 year old Igor steals an old ladies purse so that he can steal the money from it while working as an apprentice at a garage. It is then later, viewers get to see him as his dad make a living, which is by exploiting the immigration system. As Igor gets a rapport with one of his father's tenants.

Eric H (ag) wrote: Crittes is one of those highly enjoyable monster-on-the-loose films, with special effects done by the Chiodo Brothers, so you know you're in for a fun time.

Charlie M (mx) wrote: Sequel to the hit comedy series, this time George Burns plays both God and the Devil who are both fighting for the soul of a musician.

Michael H (au) wrote: Tina and I watched this for the first time since we were kids and loved it. I can't believe how well it holds up 31 years later. John Hughes was a genius.

Isadore H (kr) wrote: For as old as it is, the visuals are surprisingly stunning, Johnny Depp and Benico Del Toro are both odd and funny in this acid trip of a movie. Cameos by Toby Maguire and Gary Busey are downright hilarious, but the plot is a incoherent mess. I suppose that's appropriate, considering the state the two leads are in for most of the film though. Hard to follow but undeniably funny and odd in a good way, Fear and Loathing is a good time watching.

John R (nl) wrote: 151115: A classic. Nobody is as bad, yet loveable, as John Wayne's Rooster Cogburn.

Emily A (jp) wrote: Genuinely good, I'm surprised it didn't get more acknowledgement. Slow, but the use of suspense is really effective. Also the two characters are in a very healthy, adorable and supportive relationship considering the circumstances (not the point, but still exists.)