People Who Die Mysteriously in Their Sleep

People Who Die Mysteriously in Their Sleep

This bizarre feature comes from directors David Gaz and Kevin Poore and uses footage from classic films dubbed with new comedic dialogue. In the wake of The Grand Poobah's death, a secret society known as The Caligari has convened to name a successor. An eclectic cast of characters are considered for the job, but will the new Poobah face the same fate as those who came before him?

The world's first "SAMPLING MOVIE". The Grand Poobah has died mysteriously in his sleep (like the 43 before him). Who will be the new Poobah? The son of the lucha libre wrestler? The son of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


People Who Die Mysteriously in Their Sleep torrent reviews

Phil R (au) wrote: Although this isn't the horror film it was billed to be, it has enough going for it to warrant the price of theatrical admission. The final reveal is worth the build up and the acting, cinematography and musical score are fine enough to rival the latest slew of genre low budget indie releases. I would like to have seen more of the Villager's storyline as the strongest acting comes from both Richard Riehle and Stelio Savante. The second act would have generously benefited from their presence as it drags prior to the exciting home stretch. A more than capable script was done justice here and the almost 90 minutes are well spent on an entertaining film that delivers.

Marcus B (it) wrote: Usually I stay clear of this type of movies, but I have to agree that the psychological aspect in this one did pull me in.

Justin T (gb) wrote: The film has a lot of shortcomings, not being very interesting is one of them, poor acting another. I will give it points for trying though. It's also good to see William B. Davis is still alive and kicking.

(kr) wrote: I love Jennifer Beals!

Daniele C (br) wrote: It simply does NOT work. Is it because the storyline never manages to really engage the viewer? Or because there is no chemistry at all between the two actors? Or the complete lack of brilliance that pervades the entire film?There is everything in this movie that should make it enjoyable to watch: Kate Beckinsale is awesome, the plot is supposedly interesting, the setting is just what you expect for this kind of movie. But then... everything just disappoints you. The perfect example to show that good movies are not easy to make, not even those which seem easy goals.

Jack G (it) wrote: Gritty Neil Young doc with some of his most rockin tunes (if not all his very best performances), and some cool on-the-fly interview bits, including a bible reading from Young and Jarmusch on a bus. Great end sequence with Like a Hurricane too.

Jason E (it) wrote: This movie is certified fresh? Really? That thing from my childhood that I thought I only still liked because of nostalgia? Well, it is really creative, and it does have a lot of memorable characters. But still, I thought it'd have more like a 56 or 64%.

Amanda S (kr) wrote: for a movie that's as old as me, it wasn't half bad...IMO. haha

Arafael A (de) wrote: Phenomenology with a twist.

Logan O (us) wrote: I actually really enjoyed watching this movie and insurgent.

Chippy 2 (es) wrote: This film is so bad it's quite easily described. Just replace the word 'Love' in the title with 'nothing' and that will tell you everything you need to know.