Pépé le Moko

Pépé le Moko

Pépé le Moko is a gangster from Paris that hides in Algier's Casbah. In the Casbah, he is safe and is able to elude the police's attempts to capture him. But he misses his freedom, after ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pépé le Moko torrent reviews

Kyle M (mx) wrote: Same heart and charm, but the amount of Pixie Dust feels a little less in the titular fairy's second adventure. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Matt H (ca) wrote: Just couldn't get engaged, none of the characters were very interesting, and I couldn't end up caring about most of the events in the movie.

Olivier B (nl) wrote: I didn't like it. I didn't feel empathy for the characters, didn't like the zombies in it. There's some technical success, but that's it.

Dillinger P (gb) wrote: I found this mellow dramatic mish mash of indie-trip-comedy just the wrong sort of mix for a story line quite rich in ideas. Bob, played well enough by Slater, is a nervous, quiet mess, who speaks to his fish and everyday dreams about putting 6 bullets through the people he works with. One day when Bob eventually plucks up the courage to go through with his plan, another collegue beats him to it, taking out 5 members of the office team and leaving one disabled from the neck down. Bob is then given a promotion by Macy and soon finds himself forming a bond with the disabled co worker, Cuthbert, which changes him as a person... to an extent. The story is solid enough and the actors here are more than capable of playing their roles, its just that for some reason or another it doesnt quite gel together. You sympathize with bob, yet you dont route for him. Cuthbert is pretty 1 dimensionally written and Macy isnt in the film nearly as much as he should be, leaving him with paper thin source material to work with. There are nice touches here and there, Bob's euphoria while mowing the lawn after discovering he may be loved by someone or bob and another co worker having a domestic/drunken fling which haunts him throughout. But in the long run its just not sustainable. The actors do what they can and the cinematography goes from not bad to horrendous in some cases, not to mention some god awful CGI in places. The conclusion is also non fitting and ruins the entire experience. It's a shame really, had this film been dealt with more restraint and care, it could have been something a lot better than what it shows up as. missed opportunity.

Tiffany T (br) wrote: In a word...breathless! This movies sums up what Troma's about in two hours flat. It's a raunchy disgusting satire on what it's like to be in the film industry low budget style. Honestly if you've ever worked on a low budget film you'd wish half the stuff that happened in the film happened on your set. This shit is straight bananas Lloyd Kaufman style and I can't safely say I wouldn't have it any other way. "Thanks for the mammarys!" *muah*

Jose Luis M (nl) wrote: Entretenida secuela.

Andrew G (mx) wrote: The end is harrowing.

Pablo G (ca) wrote: An entretaining and derranged commentary on addiction, Brain Damage is as crazy and as bizzare as the title suggests, with the perfect bits for a cult classic and moments that couldve only been done back in the day.

Sindhu S (gb) wrote: Quite a change from suspense movies, Shirley's pixie haircut is too darn cute!