Per il gusto di uccidere

Per il gusto di uccidere

Dubious Bounty Killer Hank Fellows tracks bank stage coaches to observe them being robbed. Only afterwards does he move in on the bandits to collect his reward. The manager of the Omaha ...

Dubious Bounty Killer Hank Fellows tracks bank stage coaches to observe them being robbed. Only afterwards does he move in on the bandits to collect his reward. The manager of the Omaha ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick C (it) wrote: This was okay, but I wouldn't say it was essential unless you're a big fan of AS. still though it's an uplifting look into the martial arts world and has the villain (Sonnen) which makes it interesting, funny how he nicks a quote from Rocky Balboa also towards the end of the film.

Micah T (it) wrote: I couldn't help thinking of this movie as the long lost brother of blue valentine... Simon Killer is an overload of emotions and intimacy that has you more invested in the characters than any other film out these days, the cinematography is unique and persuasive as Antonio Campos pulls the viewer into an immersive world that holds a grip on them long after the movie has ended

Giorgos T (ca) wrote: Not as good as Irritu's previous films, but it is certainly well-made and touching.

Cancelled U (ag) wrote: The movie is slow, and not romantic in the sense of the rom-com trademark. The movie has its own appeal, the characters are unique and eccentric at the same time, the dialogues are funny, quirky and sharp, even the background music is not mainstream genre.Tells the story about a writer whose only friend is his dad, a.k.a his illustrator. They are writing and completing their latest children book, but unfortunate things happen and he lost his father, the only important person in his whole life. Coping with the sudden death, and pressure to complete the book, he has to collaborate with a young illustrator and somehow that changes his life, and the way he do things.Billy Crudup is that actor, who I salute and respect. This man is a great example of a 'non famous actor who can act better than A-Lister'. Mandy Moore plays the young illustrator is a break out from her usual roles and she did good. Great supporting actor by Tom Wilkinson as a great father figure with a high sense of profanity.7/10.

Anastasia B (jp) wrote: Weerasethakul's film is hard to describe by regular terms. There is no story here, at least not the way you are used to seeing it. And there is a lot of patience that you have to have to go through the second part of the film, where the camera is just following the hunter through his long journey into the jungle. But I must say I felt that my patience paid off at the end. I loved the ending (which I won't describe here for I wouldn't like to write a spoiler): so simple, so heart-felt, yet so genius.

Gabrielle J (de) wrote: A little bizarre, but sometimes that's just the ticket.

Noname (ag) wrote: Great comedy with the super goofy Chris Farley. He is very funny in this one where he plays a ninja. He gets a mission accidently from the wonderful Nicollette Sheridan to travel to america for some business. And there is problems all the time for him.. Great fun and worth seeing comedy. Chris Rock have a role aswell.

Matty S (jp) wrote: There are moments in cinema where cinematic era actually transcends up to and into art. Mark Robinson's film is fiendishly delightful and entertaining mess of a movie not to be missed at any cost.

Horacio R (jp) wrote: The film noir VO in a story that takes place in a bright and dusty Texas town in the 1920's, then shot like a western, just did not work. All the elements were disjointed.

Andy G (au) wrote: found footage shaky cam at its worst. interesting idea using the Google glass instead of a camcorder however they ruin it by having her constantly taking the glasses off and setting them down with the camera facing her. people with prescription glasses do not do that