Per l'amor di Dio

Per l'amor di Dio


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Per l'amor di Dio torrent reviews

Adam M (jp) wrote: There's not really much good that can be said about this film. So I'll just say it was nice to see Dan Stevens again, since he no longer appears in Downton Abbey.

wicked A (de) wrote: I was so bored... I had no initiative to finish it with only 12 minutes left.

Cancelled U (ru) wrote: Johar try to experiment in this one but fail flat. I am not against the idea that they leave their husband / wive because they fall in love, but the way its shape up is just idiocy. The music was even forgettable. Forget it.

Eduardo L (br) wrote: 8.2/10. 3-4-2016. Original rating: 7/10 (circa 2007). "This movie is the future. WE ARE ALL DOOMED!"

Pavandeep S (ru) wrote: A highly musical and poetic journey into the start of violence and the reversal of violence for other purposes and using the same explorations of film and text by Godard to describe how humans look at mankind. A very interesting film and easily one of the best movies in terms of its collage use and striking avant-garde visuals that convey its themes very well.

Cameron E (fr) wrote: This movie is hilarious. One of my all-time favorites!

Leigh R (ag) wrote: Picked this one out by mistake but it was an awesome accident for sure. Fantastic cast. A gem in the rough that takes you by storm.

Larry A (jp) wrote: dad got to be a part of that movie, that was way back some year, at least 10

Chad H (ru) wrote: I really don't know what I was expecting when I saw this movie. I heard from a friend that this movie was definitely worth a watch. I would just like to say in a typical movie, we are given the main character who is usually our hero, and someone who we typically root for. Well this "Hero" is far from it. He seems to share plenty of delight in killing, raping, and pillaging everything. The character is never given a real true name, he's just known as the "Deathstalker". The plot is kind of straight forward, the deathstalker just enjoys himself along with a quest to basically become immortal. The movie looks very gritty in the sense that everyone really looks to be in the medieval times. After looking at the actors everyone just looks dirty and sweaty. It has a very real feel to it. But besides that the movie is just plain bad. I mean it definitely has that eighties charm. The production quality is also pretty bad, a lot of times things just look bad and cheap. I also need to point out that the movie poster itself is way better than the movie, and is quite misleading. The characters look nothing like they are supposed to on the posters. Returning to our hero again, he's just an emotionless brute who goes around raping women and killing left and right. He also gives horrible words of wisdom and one liners. I will say that his appearance and meat headed persona really fit the barbarian image. This movie is pretty cheesy I must say but perhaps if you're a fan of those cult movies you may find this one slightly appealing. Its chock full of gore, killings, rape, boobs, and sex. So if that's you're thing than this movie is for you.

Muffin M (fr) wrote: I have this in a seven movie pack along with:* Smokey And The Bandit (1977)* Smokey And The Bandit II (1980)* Bandit: Bandit Goes Country (1994)* Bandit: Bandit, Bandit (1994)* Bandit: Beauty And The Bandit (1994)* Bandit: Bandit's Silver Angel (1994)

Tonya F (es) wrote: It's a crime that I'm just now seeing this flick for the first time. Amazing. Love Debra Winger, and the country music was beautiful and comforting.

Justin D (de) wrote: love it. one of my favorites. classic.