After a drug deal gone wrong, two New York City hustlers relocate to Miami, where they set up a lucrative credit card fraud operation. Unfortunately, their new business not only attracts the police, but the city's top criminals -- and both want a percentage of the take.

In Miami, two hustlers on the run set up a credit fraud operation that soon attracts the attention from the police and the city's top criminals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan R (ca) wrote: This documentary takes the point of views of people who were effected by Dahmer's murder. It focuses on his neighbor, a forensic scientist, and a police chief. Their stories are fascinating and macabre enough. He reenactments that actually show very little were not needed.

Jonathan G (us) wrote: The movie is a bit slow ...but of course, it's a about a parking lot, what would you expect. An interesting look at a microcosm of the service industry. If you're not in to documentaries than you'll hate this. A worthy effort, but nothing that will change your life.

Asif K (au) wrote: impressive movie, brilliant performances, fantastic music. awsome story.

Gladdys C (us) wrote: Let me tell you about love. You don't ask, you give.

Carlos I (br) wrote: Funny, over-the-top true crime satire. Some of the bits are so ridiculous, you can't help but laugh. Turner is an endearing serial killer.

Chad D (de) wrote: Pretty much right up my alley. Film noir w/ Lovecraft horror and magic. Took me forever to finally watch it, now I'm going to check out Witch Hunt.

Lee M (kr) wrote: Curious and grueling yet powerful, this particular film seems to be a manifestation of Bergman at his wits' end.

Al M (nl) wrote: Scarecrows is not really briliant or classic horror, but it is original and fun-filled. Gore, humor, and creepiness blend together in this film about marines fighting against one another and against some form of creatures at a secluded farmhouse. Will no doubt please fans of 80s horror.

Maestro S (jp) wrote: looks so bad, it could be hilarious

Borhan K (de) wrote: Another Van Damme Oldie but goodie. Reminded me of a western action flick. In regards to notable other actors it has the guy from the First Mummy movie the undead Mummy bad guy and all. He has a South African accent.Ohh and it is one of John Woo early movie he brought you other movies like Face Off.Not a kiddie flick but enjoyable for the oldies :)