Perdida em Sodoma

Perdida em Sodoma


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Jennifer R (it) wrote: The acting wasn't good, the plot was predictable, but the characters were lovable.

Rock H (us) wrote: It was't horrible but terribly cliched and predicable. The ending was pretty bad too. Good B movie to watch with friends and beer.

Simon D (ru) wrote: Distopian futuristic thriller set in a world where robots have the ability to think for themselves but are programmed to behave well towards humans. The film looks good throughout but does get slow and becomes a bit difficult to stay awake for.

Lorraine D (au) wrote: Sucked big time... so unbelievable... I can't begin to count all the discrepancies...

Jamie C (nl) wrote: A fantastic moving film that packs a hard punch in places, An amazing true story, Gerard Butler puts in his best performance to date, Really got me gripped from start to finish, Don't let the title fool you, Ok there were the odd good shootouts and explosions but it's more drama that is a brilliant watch.

Samantha C (ru) wrote: There are a lot of similarities between this movie and Catfish. This one is heavier, slower and less entertaining, but still worth watching if you're interested in stories about the evil that people do on the internet.

Nandita A (mx) wrote: Both 2 heros r gud,1st half iz interesting bt 2nd half iz as usual predictable,songs r nyc bt didn't lyk da heroine's outlook...on da whole u can watch it once,its average !

David U (nl) wrote: A lot of the gags are inanely silly, but as a whole it's a very funny movie.

Jero A (us) wrote: asshome art film!!!!!! complex, beautiful, hunting, and lovely!!

Joby D (ru) wrote: I'm that one piano genius guy from the movie "Shine." You're name, sir? Uh....Shiney McShine?!?

Japhordan C (es) wrote: As I recall, Geronimo: An American Legend is a bad history movie. Most are good with a mix of laugh's, action, and obviously a historical view, But not this one.

Remi K (it) wrote: Incredible simple movie

Malini R (mx) wrote: zindagi maut na ban jaaye samhalo yaaron...

Daniel K (de) wrote: 2.5: I was a little disappointed by Daisy Kenyon especially since it is an Otto Preminger film starring Crawford and Fonda. It was interesting, but not at all what I was expecting. This came out on Fox Film Noir's collection, but I would say it is a fringe noir at best. The overall feeling and mood that is projected throughout is noirish, but practically none of the other characteristic plot points or characters are present. In this sense it is a bit of an outlier. Interesting film, but not what I was hoping for.

Jackson S (es) wrote: Not Very Excitingthe shorts are cute but..........its like one of those boring documentaries your forced to watch in school

King D (kr) wrote: i will wait until dollar show

Leonardo Malacay S (fr) wrote: no hables con extraos!!!