Top astrophysicist Sasha Greenberg has spent the past 17 years working in the United States. An invitation to speak at a Congress on Cosmology in his native Moscow brings him home for the first time to confront colleagues, and unanswered personal questions. As Russia undergoes perestroika, public and private lives are radically re-assessed and Sasha sees the social and sexual upheavals as a crisis

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:116 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Top astrophysicist Sasha Greenberg has spent the past 17 years working in the United States. An invitation to speak at a Congress on Cosmology in his native Moscow brings him home for the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Perestroika torrent reviews

lisa s (mx) wrote: brave man who did the right thing and saved lives

Jody E (nl) wrote: Really? Awful! No what happened afterwards. Ending was lame. Previews were deceiving. What a waste of time and money.

Maksim B (mx) wrote: This small and quiet love story is an exquisite example of restrained passion, desire and the complexity of making a change. Much more an art house, provincial drama than a real wide screen movie, Mademoiselle Chambon offers a fine emotional challenge.Nothing in particular shows any signs of over-the-top drama or any melodramatic moments and this is where actually St (C)phane Briz (C) impresses with his movie about a family man and a school teacher who fall in love. Throughout the whole 100 minutes the story and the characters remain restrained, down-to-earth and simple. Everything in this real-life love story comes out not with dialogues or tears, so typical for the mainstream mediocrity, but with gestures, expression and silence.The silence is probably director St (C)phane Briz (C)'s best weapon as he focuses on the leads' quiet longing for each other.Letting you wonder about their thoughts. And this is probably its weakest link, too. Especially if the expectations are for a story with well-paced climax and building up of tension. This simply does not happen, as everything flows quietly, just as the real life in this small French provincial town...

Daniel D (gb) wrote: Fairly boring film, although the performances from Jeffrey Wright and Catherine Zeta-Jones save it from being bad.Russell Crowe is one of my all-time fave actors, but I feel his performance here is pretty one-note and forgettable. I don't blame him though, Hughes's direction was possibly the cause for this issue.

Daniel Y (fr) wrote: Tim Burton, in my opinion, is one of those select few filmmakers that can have style over substance and still have the movie be good, or at least watchable. Thta being said, I don't think that you'd call this film particularly good but it's just so beautiful and entertaining that you can't help but like it for what it is, even with it's obvious flaws.

Codie E (jp) wrote: The first film to really put the Dardenne brothers on the map shows everything that was to follow. Character driven stories of great moral dilemmas and life changing situations. This particular film feels quite close to the work of Ken Loach, to which the brothers and their cast give a beautifully judged level of humanity to characters that could easily have been demonised. Excellent technicals too.

Adam R (jp) wrote: A watchable drama, but the whole thing was kind of sad to me. It deals with the struggles of separated couples with children. (First and only viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Justin C (kr) wrote: It was like Ernest Goes to Camp, but not as funny.

Scott R (us) wrote: I enjoyed it but do not need to see it again. It was funny to have old Matthau outwitting all of the CIA and KGB with silly pranks and tricks.

Petros T (au) wrote: John Schlesinger's direction seems to be too fragmentary for my tastes, casually merging flashbacks, dream sequences and the film's present, and because of that I can't say that "Midnight Cowboy" succeeded in engaging me emotionally. Still, the tale of Joe Buck and Ratso is an interesting one, not least thanks to the presence of Jon Voight and, especially, Dustin Hoffman.

Joseph A (it) wrote: This film is amazing and heartwrenching. I'd never have thought a musical could be that emotional.

James C (jp) wrote: Very strange not a typical universal soldier movie. But bloody brilliant none the less!!!! Loads of great action!!!! I highly recommend it but don't go into it expecting to see soldiers frozen in ice.

John G (us) wrote: Excellent movie. Wall-E and Eve, the perfect couple. Cautionary tale of commercialism, consumerism and automation.

Frank I (ru) wrote: Standard plot. Gary Oldman good as ever.