Perfect: Android Rising

Perfect: Android Rising

The perfect killing machine is reprogrammed to think and feel.

The story takes place on a film set in the near future. It centers on LIA who is the great perfect killing machine. LIA is sent to a war zone, but suddenly LIA is hold and reprogrammed to think and feel. What will happen? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonnathan V (br) wrote: Tpica comedia romantica, ambientada en la cultura, que aunque tiene algunos clichs y algunas incluso incoherencias, destaca sobre las pelculas de este estilo y provee bastante risas. Recomendado bsicamente para venezolanos dado que es muy autctona de la cultura contempornea de este pas.

Ola G (jp) wrote: Taylor Mendon (Matthew Broderick) is a tv scriptwriter in Los Angeles with a previous drug and alcohol problem, which has been replaced by a betting problem instead. He has as well problems at work since his focus is more on the betting than the actual writing. His beautiful wife Lorraine (Maura Tierney) knows about Taylors problems and she is trying to help him. Nevertheless, she is getting fed up with it because Taylor is not changing his behaviour. Suddenly Taylor and Lorraine finds out that their 20-year-old niece Amanda (Brittany Snow) has become a hooker in Las Vegas. Taylor promises to find her, bring her back, and pay for her stay at an expensive rehab center. Once in Nevada, Taylor starts gambling and drinking like there is no tomorrow with borrowed money from the casino. He also finds Taylor, a cheerful prostitute, uninterested in going to rehab or reforming. Taylor needs to face all his issues and try to convince Amanda to find a better lifestyle. This is, well a piece of crap in my eyes. "Finding Amanda" struggles with not having been defined of what it really wants to be. It is some sort of strange mix of comedy with dramatic angles, but it is not working. It is boring, a waste of certain talent and as well a waste of time. And as I have recently mentioned, there are certain actors that have been repeating the same role the past 10 years, such as Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones. Matthew Broderick is definitely another one. Man.... what happend? The only joy I got out of "Finding Amanda" was to see Maura Tierney again. She is one of the most beautiful and talented women in Hollywood for sure.....

Hannah T (jp) wrote: i watched this movie on netflix only because i loved the tv show that was based on this movie. this is such a great movie nothing specifically special but a very heartfelt film that I absolutely reccomend.

Aaron H (it) wrote: The best of the Tremors sequels so far! #4 also features a significant lack of foul language than its predecessors (a huge plus!), as the suspense and action continues. Overall, a decent prequel, and an entertaining film!

Panta O (fr) wrote: Dark British drama written and directed by David Mackenzie based on the 1954 novel of the same name by Alexander Trocchi is not something to watch for happy occasions. That is why I decided to watch it early in the morning when everyone is asleep. The film is set in Scotland in 1954 where shiftless young drifter Joe Taylor works on a barge which operates from Glasgow, on the River Clyde. He shares the cramped on-board living quarters with its operators, Les and Ella Gault, and their young son Jim. One day Joe and Les pull the body of a young woman, naked except for a petticoat, from the water. Via flashbacks, we learn Joe knew her, and scenes involving his relationship with office worker Cathie Dimly are juxtaposed with those set in the present time... It is very cleverly constructed film and holds the attention to the end, and the naturalistic acting has its own, considerable, power. Tilda Swinton's performance was outstanding and Ewan McGregor had no need for his easy charm - it was tough, it was rough... but both of them were perfect choice for a depressing film exuding hopelessness and inviting us to pity the characters! There was no desire to share in their tragic condition - the atmosphere was always in the mood of "they deserved it". Even when the storytelling looks disjointed, it was a wonderful job from David Mckenzie deliberately jumping back and forth in time without warning, so that the meaning of events and the connections among them emerge retrospectively. Created mood of unease and dislocation follows creepingly and persisting even after certain crucial mysteries are solved. The understated score (by David Byrne) was just adding to the whole experience of male narcissism, as expressed through erotic need. The camera work in this film is something many should learn from - precise and visually eye catching. Recommended for a quiet morning or night!

StarrySparkles (fr) wrote: uh don't cheat..people are dumb.

Travis J (ru) wrote: Jean Rollin is a genius. There will be a revolution in cinema and Rollin will be acknowledged as its father. For now, his films get badly dubbed and carelessly transferred to DVD to be sold with stupid, tacky covers and laughed at. They laughed at Henri Rousseau in his lifetime, too. This one is the least of his films and suffers from a bad score. Still far better than anything else that came out in 1997.

Alberto N (gb) wrote: I think they were trying to hard and came up with kind of a mess. The first movie was not that good but they make up for it in the next movie.

Art S (au) wrote: Here is another Busby Berkeley spectacular from Warner Brothers. This time, Jimmy Cagney plays the musical theatre impresario who is on the ropes, struggling to stay in business against competition from the new rage of "talkies" that has eliminated the audience for musicals. So, he creates "prologues" (basically song and dance numbers) to run before the film and he rolls these out across the country using performing "units". Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell are here to sing and dance and there is the usual bevy of showgirls. Oddly, the Berkeley numbers are saved for the final 30 minutes and they are pretty great (and somewhat lewd) as usual; all symmetrical designs formed by arms and legs and shot from above to look like flowers and even patriotic symbols. Cagney can dance (as later displayed in Yankee Doodle Dandy) but I still prefer Gold Diggers of 1933.

Josh M (es) wrote: Macaulay Culkin is arguably one of the best child actors to ever hit the big screen. Home Alone shows how he can take the spotlight and entertain any viewer. With an addition of the Wet Bandits' hilarious antics and physical humor this is a very strong Christmas comedy that should be watched every year.

Heather M (br) wrote: A story of a great friendship that hits a rough patch when a guy gets involved. The ending is beautiful and perfect for this movie.