Perfect Combination

Perfect Combination

This is the story of a fairly successful young black man, just shy of 30 years old, who decided he needs to be less of a workaholic and meet and date women, with marriage and family as a goal.

Rick (Christian Keyes, Madea Goes to Jail) has got it all except a steady woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ashley M (au) wrote: I thought it was an alright movie it was pretty good

Jonathan C (ag) wrote: Definitely not as good as the original, however the Brick moments were out-loud laughing. Steve Carell alone makes this movie worth your while.

Greg K (gb) wrote: British family drama with a great cast! Comical and funny.

Reid G (br) wrote: A nightmare imagined with unparalleled artistry

Ollie G (ca) wrote: The action sequences are phenomenal and engrossing, the cinematography assured. However we barely scratch the surface of Crowe's character which is to the film's discredit.

Tasha W (br) wrote: Hands down, one of the best movies I've seen in my entire life...and I've seen alot of movies. The writer/director was an acclaimed novelist before he delved into filmmaking and it definitely shows. Go into the film knowing absolutely nothing about it, and you will be richly rewarded.

John L (mx) wrote: Not quite as good as the first one directed by Rodriguez but reasonably solid sequel with very interesting and unique camera perspectives.

Audrey C (es) wrote: Another movie that brings to life and reality the existence of yet another Bible character in an unparalled manner...

Luc L (ca) wrote: Poor screen adaption. Not entertaining at all.

Sean E (es) wrote: Absolutely terrific film that isn't as well-known as it should be.

R J (ca) wrote: Loved this movie! Hilarious!

Paul C (ag) wrote: One of the great forgotten westerns with an ending that other films can only dream of getting away with. Perhaps,and arguably, the best Burt Lancaster film.

Richard L (de) wrote: 'Gigi' is a musical directed by Vincente Minnelli and based on the novella of the same name. The film is about a young girl being trained to be a courtesan by her grandmother and aunt for an older man. The story and characters are far from being interesting. The movie is very forgettable, and it tries far too hard to be incredibly sweet, cute, and whimsical when its story is a tad creepy especially because it is about a young girl basically being trained to be a high-class prostitute. The songs are also a large down side of the film. A vast majority of the songs were bland, had no rhythm whatsoever, and completely forgettable. Honestly, the only song I found to be memorable was 'The Night They Invented Champagne,' my favorite song in the film. Another problem is, often, how blandly shot the song sequences are. There is often little to no movement during the songs. For example, in some songs, the only thing the singers are doing is sitting down. This is another reason 'The Night They Invented Champagne' is my favorite song sequence. There was such a large amount of movement that it was not boring to look at. Admittedly, the film does look very nice with the costumes and sets, but they are not enough to save the movie. Overall, 'Gigi' is a bland and forgettable movie musical, and to quote Gaston from this movie in a phrase that very well describes the movie, "It's a bore."

Sarah P (it) wrote: Not my favorite, but definately enjoyable.

Jesse O (it) wrote: A teenage special ops agent who wants to live life as a normal teenager sounds awfully like a Disney/Nickelodeon TV movie. For all I know Disney has already aired a film like this one. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if this started out as a TV movie for a teen's channel, it's just got that tone and feel, which is why I found it increasingly odd when the film had some very PG-13 moments. Like there's a certain disconnect there between the tone of the film and the actual content of it. And this film originally received an R-rating that they managed to get down to PG-13 without any actual cuts or edits. I'm sorry, but this film, when watching it, isn't even close to an R-rating. There are some minimal curse words, some action, teen drinking, but not one person actually dies in the entire film and the cursing isn't extensive, I was actually surprised when someone used the word fuck in this movie, still thinking it was a TV movie for the Disney channel. But I digress, the film isn't good or anything, but it's not offensively terrible. I didn't want to pull my hair out. Maybe I was in a good mood or something, because I can see myself, on any other day, just hating this movie. But it was fine, it was watchable. There are some funny moments here, more like chuckle-worthy, but they're there, involving Rachel Harris, Rob Huebel and Dan Fogler, who's unhealthily obsessed with Megan's crush, and even Steve-O from Jackass. It's not hilarious, but at least it's something. I also thought they could've done more clever stuff with Megan's recon to adjust to how high school life is by watching teen movies, reading teen magazines, etc. I think they could've done more with that, instead they just relied on the basic stuff. The cast, while they're not given that much to do, is likable enough and it's clear they had fun shooting this film, so that added. This movie plays out almost like you'd expect. Meg creates this idea of what her high school life is gonna be like and it ends up being nothing like it and how she adjusts to it is the driving force of the film. I like Hailee Steinfeld, I think she's a better actress than she got to show here. While the film isn't bad, I think there's some strange characterization here with Meg's feud with Heather/Agent 84, after she's sent to keep an eye out for Meg, boils down to boys. That was a little odd, considering that their feud dates back to their days at Prescott. I mean it's clear it's obviously not about boys, but there's some mentions here and there that suggest that that is a part of it. And that's just not good writing to me. Like these two can't go ahead and fight without a dude being involved in there somewhere? Absurd. But, I digress, this is probably a film that will be forgotten about by this time next year, but it wasn't bad at all. Part of me even had fun watching this, even if I wouldn't call it a good movie, in the slightest. Watched it on Amazon Prime Video, so it wasn't like I had to pay for it. I wouldn't recommend it, but this isn't as bad as it could've been.

Gordon B (gb) wrote: Metropia is an amusing mix of animation, anarchism, and nihilism. Unlike other recent animated films, the drawing style actually enhances the atmosphere of hopelessness in the story.

Nicolas P (ru) wrote: Una de las mejores de la animacin. La mejor comedia y una rompe-esquemas en toda su escencia. Un gran futuro clsico del cine moderno: ya suena a clsico. Excelente! cinco estrellas!