Perfect Friday

Perfect Friday

The deputy manager of a London bank has worked out a way to rob the branch of £200,000. When he becomes involved with the attractive Lady Dorset he decides to go ahead with his plan. He needs her help and that of her philandering spendthrift husband. It all comes down to a matter of trust.

The deputy manager of a London bank has worked out a way to rob the branch of £200,000. When he becomes involved with the attractive Lady Dorset he decides to go ahead with his plan. He ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dean S (de) wrote: Amy Adams was pretty good in this movie, but I thought Jake Gyllenhaal was a bit over dramatic. Maybe because he was such a wuss and Amy Adams had more balls than him, it made him so annoying.

Annabel N (us) wrote: never thought that life in hongkong night life is so messy. never thought love there was even possible... i am so liking steven...

Luris A (kr) wrote: Lol you think it is bad? Yeah it is but try watching this with your grandma and maid of the house..Awkward xDBut we laugh sometimes because it was really crappy

WS W (es) wrote: Could have been better. Disturbing enough. A potential synopsis however being ruined by the overdone, flaunting & pretentious techniques- bad, dizzy camera-handling; plus the absolutely annoying, noisy, non-stop dialogue.

Andrew K (it) wrote: This is where The Crow series came to die. I cannot fully express my disappoint over the injustice done to the source material here or to Edward Furlong. I was so excited when I saw him cast in the lead. I thought, "Wow! After Salvation, maybe this one will turn the series around." Boy, was I wrong. I have long loved Edward Furlong as an actor, but apparently he was not enough to save this horrible movie. It was an atrocity on every level. The casting was horrible. Tara Reid and David Boreanaz are not good actors, especially not in this. I love Danny Trejo, but his character here was all wrong. I also like Marcus Chong and Yuji Okumoto, but their invented characters were ridiculous. Very two dimensional. Not the fault of the actors in my opinion. Emmanuelle Chriqui did an okay job, but she was too young for the part. Dennis Hopper was ridiculous. So was everyone else. The script, direction and production were terrible. The real tragedy was, as with it's predecessor, that there was a perfectly good novel, on which this movie was based, that would have made a really good movie. The novel, The Crow: Wicked Prayer, follows our loner protagonist, Dan Cody (much better name than Jimmy Cuervo. OH MY GOD with the ridiculous crow-based names!) who is in love with a self-reliant, desert tough but beautiful hal crow indian woman named Lily Dreams the Truth Hardin. Lily runs the trading post in Scorpion Flats, Arizona, owned by her now extremely disabled father whom she also cares for. Lily should have been likely in her late twenties or early thirties. She should also not have seemed so fragile. This is a Crow story of solitude as the resurrected Dan Cody chases a truly terrifying woman and her thug/boyfriend from Arizona through Vegas and ultimately to California. He also does so as a half-rotting corpse, as his powers are stolen early on by the woman. The book was much better. They should have left it alone and made that into a movie.

Spencer B (kr) wrote: Its Tom Cruise. So you'll at least be entertained.

Mike B (jp) wrote: An atmospheric, sensual feature that takes place in an isolated convent with deep dark secrets. It doesn't always adhere to logic, but like some of Dario Argento's best work, it works on a nightmare level. At the H.P. Lovecraft Film Fest screening I attended, Director Mariano Baino was on hand to tell us how difficult it is to get a Russian crew to come back from four hour lunches.

Joao De B (es) wrote: um dos melhores filmes de Jackie Chan! Desta vez acompanhado pela Michelle Yeoh! E depois talvez um dos mais violentos filmes dele, com umas cenas a fazer lembrar o Rambo 2

Steve D (nl) wrote: Not as good as the professional, but what is? Still a wonderful and action filled movie

Sam M (ca) wrote: The first decline of Eddie Murphy, with only a handful of performances/films since Harlem Nights being watchable or actually good, and the debut and only film to date he has directed is somewhat hilarious and watchable at best.

Carlos I (kr) wrote: Pretty moving, if somewhat corny story about having the conviction to follow your dreams. The themes of redemption are well portrayed. Madigan and Jones are great in it.

Annie P (au) wrote: i love this movie i have seen it many times already go neil simon go broadway

Charity H (us) wrote: My first Mickey Rooney film. Yes I fell in love with him too.

Jonathan A (au) wrote: Classic Gary Cooper. Very atmospheric for a classic adventure story

Ilsa W (kr) wrote: As ridiculous and over the top as the first one. Butler single-handedly takes down an entire terrorist army. Terrible one liners and over the top action. Almost in so bad its good territory, but more towards bad. Watching this after last weeks terror attack on London was quite disturbing to say the least!

Scott R (us) wrote: Interesting, but drawn out film. It could have been better directed and written.