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Damon R (jp) wrote: I haven't seen this movie in years. This is before Epic and James Cameron's Avatar. Ferngully is still one of the best heartwarming animated features of the 90s. Robin Williams and the rest of the voice cast still impress me. It's for both kids and adults alike.

Shae S (fr) wrote: Val Kilmer is so great in this.

Walter M (gb) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "Maitresse", Olivier(Gerard Depardieu) has just arrived in Paris, needing somewhere to crash for a few days. So, he looks up his old pal, Mario(Andre Rouyer), who has a scam where he tries to enter strangers' apartments under the pretense of selling art books. After many failures, they are finally successful when they come to the apartment of Ariane(Bulle Ogier) and help her turn off her bathtub faucet. They learn that her downstairs neighbor is currently on vacation in the Riviera. Later that night, the two men break into the downstairs apartment. What they find is very unexpected...[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]"Maitresse" is a deliriously kinky film. Even today, it would be very daring. The film is about the importance of enjoying your work without selling out your principles. In this case, Ariane is a dominatrix who is successful in separating her professional and personal lives. Most importantly, the movie does not pass judgment on any of the characters. It also comes up with one of the best definitions of love I have ever seen.[/font]

Richard D (gb) wrote: A lot more slapstick than I expected. The future is...different. Most obvious comparison would be Idiocracy. While this film has better one liners, overall plot and creativity I have to give to Idiocracy. Kinda ends on a whimper but it's still worth a watch. Not as deep as I thought it would be. Science fiction is best when it gives commentary and that's not done very well here. I'm on the fence with this film. It's funny, but natural some scenes play off better than others. A few too many Jewish stereotypes for my taste.

Tim L (mx) wrote: Not the best of the franchise, and rather dated by today's 'post-feminist' sensibilities (Feminism is treated much in the same way here as Trade Unionists are treated in Carry On At Your Convenience; basically seen as 'spoilsports' wanting to ruin everyone's fun). However, this is a bloody Carry On Film, it was never meant to be taken seriously! So, surrender your political correctness at the door and just enjoy it for what it is - a funny slice of quintessential British postcard humour that you either love or hate..and me, I love it! Not one of the best, but some great one liners and a lot of fun to watch.

Scott R (au) wrote: Slow and pensive, but showed something I had never seen in Churchill and his upbringing.

John T (mx) wrote: Good modern score from Mancini. Great SF location photography. Creepy villain's asthmatic wheeze is quite unnerving. They just don't make them like this anymore.