Perfect On Paper

Perfect On Paper

Portland book editor Natalie Holland has chosen the wrong guy – another underachiever – once again. With her life going nowhere fast, she accepts a job offer from publisher and friend Avery Goldstein and moves to Los Angeles. A woman of depth and principle, Portland chic Natalie is a fish out of water in LA. Things only get worse when she learns she’s been hired to edit the latest romance novel from bestselling author Beverly Wilcox, a powerful, glamorous and intimidating figure straight out of "The Devil Wears Prada".

A young woman moves to Los Angeles with the task of helping a famous author edit her upcoming romance novel. There, she learns about not judging a book by its cover after meeting two intriguing men: a surfer and a lawyer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ricky C (de) wrote: Funny and entertaining.

Christopher B (au) wrote: Not quite as good as the previous one but very entertaining.

Samuel H (kr) wrote: A different type of superhero film than the ones we've been getting in the 2010s. Coupled with distinct and creative visuals, Hellboy is a film everyone should be familiar with, even if only to use as a reference.

Stuart K (es) wrote: Written and directed by Billy Bob Thornton, who had won an Oscar for his screenplay for Sling Blade (1996), he filmed this in 1998, but Miramax wouldn't release it, and said they would if he did All The Pretty Horses (2000) first. Thornton did and they shafted him over that too. It's a shame, as there's something warmly funny about this film, showing the pains of family loyalty in rural America. Set in Arkanas, Claude Montgomery (Thornton) and his wife Ruby (Laura Dern), get a call regarding Claude's uncle Hazel (Jim Varney), who has been thrown in jail for an alleged attempted murder. So they drive across state to sort this out, Claude and Ruby travel with Ruby's mother Jewell (Diane Ladd) and sister Rose (Kelly Preston). They get there, Claude's father O.T. (Andy Griffith) straightens them out on what's happened, and Jewell regales O.T.'s new wife, Julia (Brenda Blethyn), about Claude and Ruby's insecure and rocky relationship, which adds to the already tense atmosphere, then Hazel is released... It's a frank look at redneck life in middle America, and it's close in tone to a Mike Leigh film, (especially with Blethyn in it), but Thornton makes the most of the cast, getting the best out of the most the cast, including cameos from Jamie Lee Curtis and Ben Affleck. It's a little seen black comedy, and Thornton has only just got behind the camera again recently for Jayne Mansfield's Car (2012).

Nathan R (es) wrote: Unlike with a lot of people, incestuous relationships don't crawl under my skin and disgust me. That part of the movie was actually the only thing about it I found watchable.What I DIDN'T find tolerable was this abhorrently unstable protagonist and his self-centered personality. I got so tired of him and his whining during the second half of the movie that continuing to view it was a difficult endeavor. Seriously, Ray has problems, and I'm not even talking about his vibrant curiosity for having a relationship with his mother. Knowing drama queens in real life is bad enough. Watching them in a film doesn't help.There were just a lot of things about the film I thought could have gone a lot better. The first half of the story was fine. As soon as Ray started acting like a complete prick is when I was no longer interested in it. I love drama, but this character was just unlikeable in every aspect.Good to watch, if you can get over Ray's irritating whimpering.

Lilac L (mx) wrote: 5 stars for Alan Rickman's acting but the sound wasn't very good and the plot seem to have lost in the way...

cli o (nl) wrote: nothanks not my kinda thing

Julia W (jp) wrote: Not too bad for a sequel. I love the addition of the street kids and the department of education.

Robert H (mx) wrote: Roger Corman is known for making ultra-low-budget, B-grade (or lower) motion pictures that have lots of violence and nudity. DEATH RACE 2000 is no different in that regard. Personally, I haven't seen any other Roger Corman pictures besides this one, but if this is any indication of what they're usually like than I'll just stop here. I know that this film was limited by its low budget, but it still failed to entertain me with what it did have. There was some attempt at social satire, but it was all surface and supported by some of the worst acting I've ever seen. David Carradine is given top billing (as he is the main character), but I thought that Sylvester Stallone's limited, one-note performance was more fun to watch. Overall, the film fails at social satire and only makes up for it a little bit with some decent racing sequences (considering the budget).

Tad M (de) wrote: Great film, but I'm not sure if I would recommend others to see it.

Nicholas A (it) wrote: At points during this I felt guilty for watching but compelled to continue. It is an amazing piece of work, at times shocking but always interesting. I can't wait to see some more of Wiseman's work as this has certainly left a lasting impression on me.

Doug P (us) wrote: This is an interesting, and fun movie to watch. It has a lot of action and carries the plot to the end.

jay n (au) wrote: Veronica ventures into Barbara Stanwyck territory in this oater. She's fine but the film is ordinary.

John R (ru) wrote: Think it was a mood thing. Just wasn't in the...

Mark B (kr) wrote: Kind of Hitchcock lite, but that's still a good thing.

Kelly K (de) wrote: This is a phenomenal film. Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman have amazing onscreen chemistry. They are very convincing as a pair of unlikely friends.

Chris G (nl) wrote: So cheesy, such bad dialogue, such bad accents. So good.