Perfect Partner

Perfect Partner

A single father struggling to make his comeback as a screenwriter falls in love with one of his students. Meanwhile his son, studying to become a chef, falls in love with his teacher. Love ...

A single father struggling to make his comeback as a screenwriter falls in love with one of his students. Meanwhile his son, studying to become a chef, falls in love with his teacher. Love ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher H (gb) wrote: Ginger Baker who played in Cream and the best drummer around mainly as a jazz drummer. Colourful and fascinating character. Beautifully made film.

Alex V (au) wrote: Terrible! We've seen this story so many times. Nice cinematography. Beautiful Joshua Close gets one star.

Alex S (fr) wrote: Go see this movie, its HILARIOUS

April G (it) wrote: I love a good end-of-the world disaster movie. Arctic Blast does not disappoint.Maverick Scientific Type who sees it all coming...checkInstantaneous natural disaster that is just plausible enough...yupSystematic destruction of national itMelodramatic romantic subplot...affirmativeGruesome depictions of the futile efforts of the uninformed masses fleeing to spadesPretentious yes-man who could prevented things from getting betchaand best of all...Quasi-environmental message that undershoots human responsibility and overestimates the power of quickie technological fixes...absolutely!

Robert B (us) wrote: Jean Reno is implacable, and seeks revenge when not attempting to justify his killing. The bad guys are truly evil. This is somewhat luneven and very violent but it is a satisfying thriller. The chief of police is a slime. Charley (Reno) wants to enjoy his family and live a quiet life after a life as a successful thug, but his former associates won't let that happen...

John M (es) wrote: Hellraiser III is everything I thought Hellraiser II would be. So a reporter who is in dire need of big break (Terry Farrell) may have bitten off more than she can chew when she investigates the back-story of a young man that was ripped apart by chains. This is a big step down from the first two movies, and let me tell you why. For starters, the lead actress is one of the weakest acting talents of the Hellraiser movies so far; sure, this isn't a series that is known for its award winning performances, but seeing her here makes me feel bad for calling out any stiff acting from the first two installments. Next, this has almost nothing to do with the continuing story set up by the first two; believe it or not, Hellbound made me realize how much I was actually getting invested in these characters. Here, everything that wasn't Pinhead got dropped like it was deadweight. And speaking of Pinhead, while Doug Bradley is chewing up scenery left and right (and is easily the biggest and only reason to watch this), they drastically changed his character motivations; he used to be shrouded in mystery and only looking to take his pound of flesh from people that tampered with the puzzle box, while here, he becomes this laughing homicidal maniac, a la The Joker. All of the replacements to the Cenobites are pretty lame, and so much about this feels like it was made by a completely different team that never shared in that original vision. While this isn't something I would call terrible, it definitely fails to deliver on everything that you want out of a Hellraiser movie.

Jay B (de) wrote: Flawed, more than not... the braces attack and the vomited legless fishman are fun, but don't make up for the horrid effects and stale acting that engulfed this sequel.

Dustin B (kr) wrote: Sticks to the formula. I approve.

Jason S (de) wrote: Hard to watch boring and dull

Sylvia C (es) wrote: Lol funny. Seen it hundreds of times

Stefan G (kr) wrote: My biggest beef with this movie is not only its blatant stereotypes of autistic kids, but also that it has no understanding of autism at all. As someone with autism, how can I not get offended by this? Simon himself is painful to watch rather than adorable, as he speaks in a somewhat robotic manner. The story itself is rather typical, but, again, the savant stereotype it pretty much the thing that kills it. The action scenes were only decent, but the presentation is about as cliched as I can tolerate. Overall, if you have autism, you will definitely hate this movie.

Robert P (nl) wrote: I've seen this referd to as a remake of Cannibal Hollocaust and it almost could be. The plot is very similar, but here, instead of a group looking for a lost film crew, they are looking for someone who went missing 40 years ago. It's pretty much the same really. All hand held camera work etc and to be honest, very little happens for most of it's short run time. What you d get is 4 kids who get along to start with, but rapidly fall out and some seriously beautiful scenery to look at. It's real dowfall is lack of believability. By the look of things, all they have packed is a couple of tents, a roll mate and sleeping bag each and a months supply of booze! Also of mote is right near the begining of the film where one of the girsl is looking at other teenages on the beach and says "where are they from? The united states of generica?" It's funny she should say that as our 4 "heroes" easily fit into this catagory! When it does pick up in the last 20 mins or so, it's pretty good and just like Cannibal Hollocaust, you get a woman on a stick (just through the mouth this time) and a sutibly grim ending. I love grim endings! All in all, this wasn't as bad as I was expecting. it could have been better, but it could have been so much worse!

Ned M (nl) wrote: Okay supernatural horror, but still boring. This film is banned in Queensland. Don't know why.