Perfil de un presidente

Perfil de un presidente


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Perfil de un presidente torrent reviews

Katelyn M (it) wrote: This movie had a deep meaning but also had a lot of sad moments it still came out on top. The movie towards the end made you feel like you were going to see a sad foreshadow with johnny, But it takes a twist when Jake finds the truth. One main part was assuming people are a certian way because of there background but proves to be different when he was behind it all.

Jim G (ca) wrote: 2 of 5 stars for the action-adventure movie Sharpshooter. Sigh, I had high expectations for this movie based on the trailer and the opening scenes. In the opening, a former CIA hitman is doing a hostage rescue from two high speed cars rolling thru a desert somewhere in the middle-east. Starting with only a high-power rifle, he starts the ambush. A very impressive setup and execution. From there it all went wrong. The hitman character is toally flat and 2-dimensional. Trying to achieve a rigid army-like character, the actor achieves a total boring, don't care, uninteresting character. Our hitman is talked into taking one more job before he retires. As he starts to plan the hit we get the feeling all is not right. Yep, after he hits the target, "they" will hit him. Frankly, the action ain't so good; the characters are bland and don't care. For a movie with potential, this turned out badly. Don't waste your time.

Leah B (fr) wrote: i'd love to see it! amanda seyfried's movies are always so feel-good!

Diana V (ru) wrote: the story start when julia and her family move to other place, there she draw to a crisis, she is lonely in an empty city, she try to know whats going on, but her family doesnt help her. I like the movie, good story, but a little bit slow.Julia y su familia llegan a vivir a un apartada zona, y todo comienza a cambiar cuando Julia entra en una crisis, se encuentra sola, en una ciudad vaca, ella trata de entender lo que sucede sin embargo su familia incrdula no entiende lo que le esta pasando. Me gusto mucho el guin, te mantiene atento para descubrir la verdad, las actuacin fuern muy buenas. muy recomendable aunque un poco lenta.

Ricco N (ru) wrote: I watched this movie by accident at HBO. quite good and entertaining but if you a guy who worried about details like me, this movie is not for you.

Larry W (us) wrote: This has become a christmas classic for me, right up there with charlie brown.

UnamEd D (gb) wrote: i dont even know what this movie is lol

Tim S (gb) wrote: Although many feel that Woody Allen's output of movies was better served during the 1970's, he still had plenty of steam left during the 1980's, cranking out movies ever since. Broadway Danny Rose is interesting as it's, more or less, a tale being told by a group of guys in a deli about the lead character, Danny Rose, who as a talent agent, winds up being mistaken as the lover of a girl whose family is out to get him. Allen is his usual funny and lovable self, but Mia Farrow is great also, disappearing into her role with relative ease. It's not a laugh-a-minute kind of movie, but it's more about the characters and how they wind up where they do in the long run. In other words, another classic Woody Allen picture.

Joe F (au) wrote: I grew up watching this film, so I'm heartily and shamelessly biased towards it. I suppose today it could be considered cheesey and shallow; but it captured my imagination with its beautiful ladies, noble knights, and courtly pomp. It still does...

Thas D (ru) wrote: One of the best movies I have ever seen, the characters are fascinating, the story is beautiful in the way that the author usually always write. Romantica, realistic and exciting. It is impossible not to get involved in this beautiful love story!Another fact is quite exciting to see John's relationship with his father.The film has important and complicated issues such as: military life, autism, Asperger's syndrome ... Good talent of Nicholas Sparks for romantic stories is exciting to touch the heart and Dear John could not be different.

Jenn M (de) wrote: This was pretty weak. Story was a bit weird, and a bit of a cliche. Single mom on hard times moves bitter daughter to a not so nice house and then is never around so they argue blah blah blah. and the neighbour is a killer. yawn

bill s (br) wrote: The explosions and actors power us through an otherwise limp thriller.....decent popcorn flick.

Samuel M (mx) wrote: Todo un clsico del terror por un clsico director del gnero. Como suele habitual, la primera de la saga es la ms "seria" o la que se toma ms en serio a s misma y quizs por eso aun a da de hoy puede darte cierto mal rollo sino te gustan los muecos.Eso s, Brad Douriff est graciossimo encarnando a Chucky/Charles Lee Ray, con su reconocido histrionismo.Algo que sorprende lo bien que se mantienen a da de hoy los efectos. S, se ve la trampa y el cartn por todos lados, pero aun as son de estos que puedes ignorar para disfrutar de una pelcula muy divertida.