Perra sociedad

Perra sociedad

This stylish crime thriller starring Gibrán González and Rojo Grau dramatizes the dangerous Mexican underworld, where drug deals, extortion and violence are everyday events and treachery and corruption are standard operating procedure. Ignacio Rinza's gripping drama explores how far some people will go to get by when there's nowhere else to turn for help. Víctor Ortíz and Carlos Samperio co-star.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Perra sociedad torrent reviews

Tara S (gb) wrote: Cute and a little corny!

KD J (it) wrote: I absolutely loved it. Granted I thought the sudden bursts of song sort of derailed the momentum, but the action was fantastic. A rare film showing women taking care of business, especially when learning there really is a group of women known as the Gulabi Gang. The relationship between Rajjo and Sumitra was awesome as was their acting.

Damien K (ca) wrote: Breezy, relaxed and quirky, it starts off well enough, but descends into standard rom-com cliche by the finale. With good casting and solid writing, it tries to soar above the usual romance movies, but doesn't gain that much height.

Kelsey L (nl) wrote: This is a great documentary that very daftly interweaves modern actors dramatically reading personal diaries and eyewitnesses. This piece shows the kindness that humanity shows amid complete and total only major criticism is that it takes a very anti-Japanese tone near the end which I think counteracts the main motif...

Julie C (ca) wrote: It really is charming. I have found myself rewatching this lovely story.

Jeffrey J (ag) wrote: Choppy transitions and poor acting

Sagin W (nl) wrote: I had high hopes for this movie, but it fell short in story and bringing any good effects or scares.

Karim G (es) wrote: "Except some scenes , The rest of the movie is dull & Boring"

Kat H (ru) wrote: alfred hitchcock meets james bond. stylish 60s spy nonsense.

Josh M (mx) wrote: What a disgrace! Inferno does not live by the rules the first four Hellraisers do. Pinhead barely even makes an appearance. Clive Barker has nothing to do with this and it really shows. It is very flawed and nothing is good about it. Stay away!

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