Perros callejeros II

Perros callejeros II


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Perros callejeros II torrent reviews

Phil H (it) wrote: Probably one of the most mental films I've seen in a while. A limited budget holds the film back but hell the film is just crazy

Bryan K (nl) wrote: I dunno, I don't see it -- I think it dragged too much

Bolly B (gb) wrote: Good coreography, weak plot

Simon B (es) wrote: Writing, hip hop, NYC... if only I lived in 80's NYC.

George M (au) wrote: Since the Pierrot le Fou every Godard movie loses it's narrative plot and becomes a set of dialogues. La Chinoise is the first step to completely unwatchable cinema. But nobody says it's bad. It's pretty good.

Timm S (gb) wrote: Clever Political Satire. Works On Many Levels With The Message To Me Being, Power Sows Seeds Of Corruption...Absolute Power Courrupts Everything, Including Hearts & Minds. "Some Are More Equal Than Others" Ranks Up There With George Bush's "The Have's & Have More's" & Howard's "Core & Non-Core Promises"..Politics Is A Heart-Sapping Mind-Meddling Mash Of Rules To Suit Themselves.

Mike N (mx) wrote: Sorry, Ginger, not one of your better efforts.

Cesar G (br) wrote: A brilliant movie filled with equally brilliant performances. One great example of how a time travel movie should be made. Perfect in every way. Plaza's performance is excellent. The plot It may seem simple, but that's where It's strength comes from. It's not about making a big complicated time travel movie for the sake of it. It's about the characters and their feelings and how the choose to live. Because ultimately this film is about making choices and living with them. But most importantly, about living life.

Adam K (gb) wrote: It's unbelievable how a movie can grow so attached to you. Despite its obvious flaws,Sin City kept and represented the qualities of the source material fairly well. The gritty,dark and moody universe we're introduced in is so immersive we can barely dig out of it by the end of the movie. This is a visual spectacle,complemented by great action sequences as well as many outstanding performances. The stories keep their horror-esque feel all the way through. The music seals the unsettling atmosphere which further makes you interested in the world. It's not so much the stories which attract me so much,it's the breathing and living universe of sin and rotting moral we're thrown in,that really made invested. Movie offers a great deal of parallels which can be associated with the real world. The politics,corrupted by greed and power ignores any or all of the citizen needs,in favor of their own prosperity. The gang background is the most obvious representation of the real world,as you wouldn't need to go far to encounter a real-life establishment like this.