"Person" is a documentary about the life and work of filmmaker Luiz Sérgio Person. The documentary brings the reconstruction of the history of the São Paulo filmmaker through the personal journey of his daughter, Marina. Through interviews with friends, family, and people who worked with Person, she seeks to discover more than dates and biographical data.

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Javier C (ag) wrote: I liked the message it had. And it felt pretty dark and real.

Robert B (ru) wrote: MK: 3/5: Wanted to like it more than he did

Zahid C (de) wrote: Day: WednesdayDate: 16 Jun 2004Time: 10.15pmWith: Dad, Mom, AzeemOn: CableName: YUVA

Timothy S (mx) wrote: As a lover of the genre, I'm all for horror films that try something different or stand out as particularly ambitious. "Bruiser", however, is a major disappointment from a major talent in the field, director George A. Romero, and the biggest concern I had with most of it is that it seems to have contempt for the genre and the audience who loves it. Nobody can fault the filmmaker for wanting to elevate the genre, but here he seems to be biting the hand that has fed him so well for decades now. This is a silly, overly arty and extremely pretentious film that thinks it has "something to say" but fails miserably in every possible respect. Whatever message it's trying to get across is lost in the sheer boredom of the whole thing, as the story and characters couldn't be more uninteresting.Not helping the situation any is the lead performance by Jason Flemyng, who is incredibly bland even before donning his mysterious white mask. He's even worse afterwards. The tone of the film is all over the map, with the central story being very modern but a subplot involving the police investigation with Tom Atkins is weirdly old school with the music and Atkins tossing around the word "dame" all the time. The two worlds do not mesh at all. Any hope that this would at least be redeemed by a decent ending are squashed as soon as the credits roll. It doesn't make any more sense than the rest of the film. "Bruiser" isn't bad enough to call into question Romero's talents as a filmmaker, but it is a misguided mess with precious little to like. You have to wonder what he was thinking.

eche w (br) wrote: this is a neglected good law film about how two men could shock the juctice system established by J.Edgar and what Alcatratz was about

Martin T (nl) wrote: This is certainly the "best" film in the "Monsters & Madmen" box, in terms of the quality of production, the acting, the storytelling. It's suspenseful and compelling, with a noteworthy performance from Karloff and an apt parallel for modern drug addiction. But I can't help feeling a little disappointed. I was hoping for more campy silliness.

Michael W (br) wrote: As a young teen in the 90s and a fan of the horror movies at that time, I found this spoof to be the perfect balance of absurd and funny.