Person to Person

Person to Person

Follows a variety of New York characters as they navigate personal relationships and unexpected problems over the course of one day.

During a single day in New York City, different characters grapple with the mundane, the unexpected, and the larger questions permeating their lives. Defa demonstrates his aptitude for honest storytelling as he explores the absurdity and challenges of forging human connections. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Person to Person torrent reviews

Randy P (de) wrote: Cliche for more then most of the movie, but I can say I enjoyed a fair amount of this to say it was pretty good.

Tony L (fr) wrote: This movie isnt meant to blow you away, but it's not bad at all. Good B movie.

Kinch K (ca) wrote: My inner fanboy is so happy right now

rustin h (ca) wrote: this is a good movie

Tony P (fr) wrote: "By the grace of God, and the name of the United States of America, I take possession of this planet on behalf of, and for the benefit of, all mankind."Undeniably dated, but undeniably prophetic.

James H (fr) wrote: 61/100. This film is best known for introducing Gregory peck to the world in his film debut. It's a rather awkward World War II propaganda film, it's goal being to rally support of Americans toward our Allies, namely Russia. It is interesting for it's historical perspective, but it is too obvious and too melodramatic. It is moving and has a good production.

Jess V (jp) wrote: This movie kicked ass and the action & driving was insane but so cool +10/10

JeanPaul F (mx) wrote: Technically there is nothing wrong with this film. It's just that after about an hour of watching the flick I forgot anything that had happened in it. It also felt a lot longer than it should have.