Personal Affair

Personal Affair

A British girl (Glynis Johns) disappears for three days after a frank talk with the wife (Gene Tierney) of a Latin teacher (Leo Genn) she loves.

Barbara Vining, a teen-age girl in a small English town falls in love with her teacher Stephen Barlow, who has no interest in her other than as a pupil and has done nothing to encourage her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony L (br) wrote: Was a really good movie, I enjoyed it. Ending was your typical indie cop-out shit ending. Still liked the rest of the movie though.

lindsey r (ru) wrote: great surprise ending!

Lunar L (gb) wrote: intresting story telling...even though sum scenes seem to drag. Less scary more thinky

Brad Miller N (fr) wrote: This movie was so strange. Nothing can really describe other then "ridiculous LOTR fan movie" The orcs look just like the ones from LOTR and to be honest look decent. Overall I think it was pretty funny.

Daniel R (mx) wrote: A rare kind of mystical fantasy cinema that breaks you emotionally thanks to its is fascinating ideas, gorgeous visuals, incredible performances and excellent craftsmanship - guaranteed to alienate many but also guaranteed to obsess you for weeks.

Miroslava H (de) wrote: Inconvenient masterpiece about Compelling Love, tested by the ups and downs of Life. Exquisite acting and remarkable film-makers' work.

Don S (es) wrote: Though Asia is attractive in a primal way, this movie is a train wreck. The story seemed very stream of consciousness; Asia is listed as the writer and director - don't know how much was actually written before filming. Didn't much care for it at all. Also didn't really see the "experimental" way in which it was supposedly filmed, unless that is referring to the fact that it didn't seem fully scripted. There is a bit of nudity if that is your thing, though not all of it is titillating.

Altered E (ru) wrote: The worst cyberpunk movie ever made. It says volumes that the robot gets the best lines of this alternatingly cringeworthy and disruptively-riotous screenplay. A lot of a**-pulls in the plot, especially when trying to explain why a toy robot has a flamethrower and lasers built in. The cast actually has two relatively famous actors: John De Lancie (Q from TNG) and William H Macy (Fargo). Worth watching, worth mocking aloud with friends.

Fong K (br) wrote: A fly-on-the-wall character study on the titular infamous underground cartoonist who is revered by his peers but condemned by the mainstream readers for his obscene, misogynistic and downright rude comics. Similarly divisive are the documentary's reviews.

armand e (br) wrote: I'll tellya where that spot is...

Dave J (de) wrote: The comic strip and Lemmy as a secret service agent, What else could you need?

Antone A (au) wrote: There should be more films like this. It was like watching a memory.

Mike L (ag) wrote: Barbara Stanwyck plays Mae Doyle, a woman who outgrew her small fishing village hometown the day she was born. She comes back to live with her younger brother after the last of her men has run out of money or found someone younger. To set the tone for this movie she gives a great quote about why she came back, "home is where you come when you run out of places." The main story revolves around Mae and two local men; Jerry, Paul Douglas, a gentle slow fisher, and Earl, Robert Ryan, a hard-drinking, married, projectionist. Mae is attracted to Earl but since he reminds her of her past she becomes involved with Jerry, they get married and have a child. But Mae is unhappy and unwilling to give up her past and has an affair with Earl, which Jerry finds out and leaves with the child. It takes some tense moments but Mae realizes what she wants and convinces Jerry to take her back. The three stars shine in this gripping love-triangle drama. The sense of desperation is enhanced with the relationship between Mae's brother and his girlfriend, Peggy, played by Marilyn Monroe, who is very pretty but is working in the fish cannery, something Mae was sure to avoid. Follows a belief that the grass may not always be greener on the other side.

Dan F (de) wrote: You get exactly what you'd expect... A pile of pants.