Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

Ramapoda Dutta gets a job in an all-female company as the personal assistant to the Managing Director.

Ramapoda Dutta gets a job in an all-female company as the personal assistant to the Managing Director. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MoJai M (it) wrote: An utter delight for most of its run time. Poetic and loose-limbed by design, this film flows along at its own defiantly chosen pace, with a whole third of the film diverting its attention off the devilishly narcissistic protagonist. This is also shot gorgeously, with the close-ups inducing the very best from the already excellent ensemble, with Moss in particular managing to conjure so much pure emotion in a boldly sustained reaction shot in one of the film's pivotal moments. Whilst there are some brilliant comedic touches and the (palatably dry) sense of humour is sustained for most of the film, this isn't a typically 'easy' watch; whilst seeing Phillip's transparent plans to boast of his newfound 'notability' are initially hilarious, watching as he grows in desperation and isolation and he moves ever-closer to becoming the repugnant and frankly vile mentor he has recently attached to (played with such conviction by Jonathan Pryce). It's here where around 80% of the audience I sat with were lost. Listen Up Phillip is certainly an acquired taste, literary in tone, perhaps frustratingly improvisational in terms of pacing and structure with comedy that perhaps veers towards indulgent and a little tiresome in the latter third. That may well be true, but one suspects that was intentional, an ode to the tiresomely indulgent tendencies of the titular character. By the end, I'm far from convinced that Phillip has listened, but I feel I have.

Panayiota K (gb) wrote: it feels like a weird web series but it has some cute and funny moments. totally better than expected especially after the first half hour. a lot of making out and sex references though

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Thiago B (fr) wrote: Funny, smartly written and wonderfully acted, this 1976 Disney's remake doesn't own anything at all to its predecessor

Stephen M (ag) wrote: pretty good graphics

Gary M (gb) wrote: Better then i thought it would be. It was good enough from the action point of view and had a pretty good storyline.

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