Personal Property

Personal Property

Raymond Dabney returns to his family after trouble with the law. He convinces the sheriff to give him a job watching the house and furniture of widow Crystal Wetherby without knowing she is engaged to his brother.

Raymond Dabney returns to his family after trouble with the law. He convinces the sheriff to give him a job watching the house and furniture of widow Crystal Wetherby without knowing she is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leo M (gb) wrote: A wonderfully creative affirmation of life over work, fresh imaginationover book learning and obsession, and intense joy in all things overSatrean despair.

Jillian L (it) wrote: It relied on jump scares and loud sounds to get a reaction from the viewer. In fact, there were so many jump scares that I couldn't help but expect them whenever the music stopped and it became quiet. There was nothing resonant at all about the movie. The shots, angles, music, and story were generic, expected, and had been done before.

Brendan N (au) wrote: the armosphere and characters are good but the whole story is a little all over the place. The setting and the ambition was there, I wonder if Danny Boyle sensed a style no substance product and quickly fled

Arash B (ru) wrote: Sweet & Lovely, Another great movie from Boyle

Shib Shankar S (es) wrote: Powerful and pessimistic movie...there cannot be a stronger criticism of dark human nature. It is a masterpiece with minimal set and no scenery, totally driven by the characters and their activity.

Dan P (nl) wrote: I need to see this film again as i am unsure about it

Victor M (nl) wrote: Madness, revelation, mysticism, epiphany, so many things behind this story of a mathematician that becomes obsessed with numbers and what you cand find hidden on them.

John B (ru) wrote: The pinnacle of Art Carney's later career. We have the story of man forced onto the street with only a beloved cat as companion. Naturally the humanity of the character is brought forth with the change in his circumstances and Carney's interactions with those he meets are memorable.

Alex W (us) wrote: This film is done on a scale that is more grand and science fiction then most films from the time. There is a ton of production value behind this movie and it shows. It has one of the most attention grabbing and intriguing openings to a film you will ever see. It's so good you could almost make a movie off of that alone. It's the kind of movie that keeps you guessing at the truth, or if the truth really matters. It also caused many internal debates when I put myself in the main character or other passenger's situations. I would also call this movie very prophetic, in a time long before the atomic bomb part of this films message feels right at home with many of the 60's and 70's films about fear of nuclear holocaust. All of these elements and topics I find very intriguing personally so I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. With so many interesting political, social and philosophical questions and it one great concept I found myself thinking about this film for days, one of the biggest signs of a good movie. I am still not sure what decision I would make if I were in the characters shoes. If this film does have a problem it's that the female lead is an over the top helpless emotional caricature. This film definitely had an influence on some later films (logans run, solaris, inception, the beach) and tv shows (lost, the prisoner, star trek). I guess the book deserves most of the credit for being so ahead of its time although I am not sure how closely the movie follows it.

TMCA L (nl) wrote: I think this is pretty accurate, and Johnny Depp was amazing in this movie. This movie is about the killed victims of Jack the Ripper; who has now been identified as Aaron Kosminski, or at least someone claimed they identified Jack the Ripper. I liked that this movie is like the movie 'Zodiac' but not as good as 'Zodiac'. Maybe if this film was directed by David Fintcher maybe it would of been as good of a film as 'Zodiac' and as this movie is far from scary, and the visuals are great, again this movie could of been so much more and if David Fintcher directed it it would be a much better film.

Kenneth B (kr) wrote: Leprechaun has a camp charm and it is just about entertaining enough to offset its absurdity. It definitely contains the best (well only) pogo stick death scene that I have seen in film.

Austin F (ca) wrote: One of the best original comedy! It is a little stupid but that's the point! "have a nice day meow"

Bubba M (br) wrote: Standard Wayne War movie