This is the story of the beautiful young Pervirella. Set in the mythical English land of Condon, the grotesque, power-mad Queen Victoria builds a wall around the country and establishes a "Monarchy of Terror." Intellectuals and "pervs" are prosecuted and killed, or driven underground to form the "Cult of Perv." Their leader, the Demon Nanny gives birth to a possible savior, then dies. The infant Pervirella grows to maturity with supernatural speed and shows amazing abilities, including raging nymphomania whenever her magical necklace is removed. Pervirella is sought by various rebels, agents of Victoria, the Cult of Perv, and a trio of witches. Eventually she teams up with Amicus Reilly, a James Bond spoof played to stiff, campy perfection by the late David Warbeck. Wild adventures ensue!

This is the story of the beautiful young Pervirella. Set in the mythical English land of Condon, the grotesque, power-mad Queen Victoria builds a wall around the country and establishes a "... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (ru) wrote: This is a film that should've been great, it's based on a book by Patricia Highsmith("Talented Mr. Ripley", "Strangers on a Train"), has an exotic location, and two great stars in Viggo Mortensen and Oscar Isaac, yet it didn't reach its full potential. There are parts that dragged and I think there was room for improvements, but good effort for first-time director. Luckily, it's not terribly long, so was worth a watch.

marchus w (mx) wrote: This was a really good independent movie, I really enjoyed it. there were some things that could have been better or bigger and at times the editing and camera could have been better. However overall it was a really good story and the lead Tino Struckmann did a great job leading the film. He have a lot of talent and will do well when Hollywood discovers him and he gets his chance in big budget films.A lot of tanks and WW2 toys in this film ,more the never Saving private Ryan, I was impressed at a small budget film could do so much on a small budget.

Adam L (au) wrote: Smartly written and very funny movie in the same vein as The Jerk and The Pest! A bigger budget could have added to it. The acting was not very good but I think that might have been intentional. Anything with Michael Madsen in it is going to have a cool factor. And it was good to see Clark Johnson again.

Gordon T (ca) wrote: BACK OFF!!!!!!! I love VAMP immensely. Its AFTER HOURS with VAMPIRES and CHRIS MAKEPEACE. "Ever have one of those nights?" Chris Makepeace's head pops-up from under a manhole cover. The BEST. And "The Human Pin Cushion" and The funny Chinese side-kick when he says, "GUYS I'm hungry . . . REALLY HUNGRY" in the cack of the taxi cab!!!!! and Johnathan Elias' AWESOME!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! groovy score that has FINALLY been remastered for Compact disc. The score used to be on bootleg cd from a cassette recording from Varese Sarabande. Everyone's entitled to their opinion BUT "haters of vamp" really need to reassess their appraisal of VAMP!!!!

Thomas N (us) wrote: In this last entry of the original series sometimes referred to as the Showa Series Godzilla fights both Mechagodzilla who is now rebuilt and also a new monster by the name of Titanosaurus. The aliens may not turn into apes this time but its just as good as its predecessor nonetheless.

Mark B (ca) wrote: Gable and Lancaster (who is especially great here) in a vintage WW II submarine warfare picture. Primitive special effects, but otherwise well-done.

Bill M (ca) wrote: I'm confused...they're not speaking Italian....

Steve S (de) wrote: Some nice direction and mood, but the film is dull and iy never gives us a reason to see why poet C.K. Williams deserves to have a movie made about him.

Darrin C (mx) wrote: Good Irish mob movie with a suspenseful attitude and decent acting.