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Sebastian K (it) wrote: Once you get over the fact that this movie isn't about twin on twin action, you can settle in to watch their journey across Europe to attend their mother's funeral. But somehow, you never quite feel for them as they encounter various hardships along the way, testing their brotherly love to the limit. Great use of animation at the start though.. by far my favourite bit.

Pete S (mx) wrote: Sadly, I can see why this never made it to theaters. A strong cast is given hardly anything to do with a flimsy storyline and lax execution.

Oan D (fr) wrote: ask the dust is one of my favourite book. but the movie.. not good, actually sucks. anyway it was good to see salma's boobs..

Vic M (mx) wrote: [b][font=Fixedsys]I found this film to be incredibly profound, as well as bold and insightful. The acting is acceptable, humorous[/font][/b][b][font=Fixedsys]and warm. Hal Linden does a great job with his role as (the dean). As does D, David Morin(Dr. Carlisle) and the bulk of the cast. I particularly enjoyed Paul Rodriguez' role. Whom I have dubbed "fast Eddie Martinez" Especially when he [/font][/b][b][font=Fixedsys]" gets it" (Gods'love) [/font][/b][b][font=Fixedsys]I would be remiss for not commenting on the main gist of this work... As a contemporary Christian myself. Now living in the days imagined in the time forwaded experience of Dr. Carlisle. I humbly reflect on the stark similarities of this present darkness, to those asserted by the film. We have lost our way my friends. That is His way (Jesus). Good Morals were never the ends or the means. But only a result of an authentic transformation from self seeking rebellion to the humble Christ-like obedience! We need not consider our "moral compass". But rather the "Hagios Pneuma" (the most holy rational spirit of God)[/font][/b][b][font=Fixedsys]Pertaining to the paradighmatical changes encouraged in the film. I assert as Dr.Anderson (Gavin Macleod) "you must"[/font][/b] [b][font=Fixedsys]Dr. Myers[/font][/b][b][font=Fixedsys][/font][/b]

Vtor M (ca) wrote: Um entretenimento suficiente decente, que se mantm prximo ao romance. Edward Norton num papel interessante apesar de nao ser dos seus melhores

Mickaw90 (br) wrote: Boring and Seagal doesn`t even fight in this film that much. Tom Sizemore did a decent performance and Dennis Hopper played same kind of role like in Speed film.

Michael C (ag) wrote: Fierce Creatures is not as good as A Fish Called Wanda, but I still found it funny.

Del T (kr) wrote: Terrific action picture. Overlooked during the time of its' release ( opened a week before Raiders of the Lost Ark ), this is the true tale of early 20th century trapper ( Bronson ) wrongly accused of a crime, escapes to the Canadian mountains, with Lee Marvin assigned to track him and kill him. Their back and forth battles across the icy wilderness, causes each of them to have a new found respect for each other. Directed by Bond veteran, Peter Hunt, he expertly stages bloody action, high fall stunts and superb aerial photography. The movie's best sequence : Bronson knows Marvin's posse is coming, and we're shown the process he goes to fortify his cabin, and modify his weapons, ( shotguns and rifles ) to prepare for war. Marvin with his team ( including Carl Weathers, and Andrew Stevens ) surround the cabin, then a hellacious firefight ensues. Marvin's team soon realize they have underestimated bad ass Bronson, and with the use of dynamite, all hell breaks loose, with Bronson at his shotgun blasting best. Awesome.

Callan Y (ru) wrote: the ultimate romantic comedy. no soppy stuff like 99% others in this over saturated genre. chemistry between Nicholson & Hunt is great.

Ken T (de) wrote: What a racist bunch of crap and Netflix is about to go bye bye at my house.

Zane T (br) wrote: Back in the 1980's, action movies were smart like this. Bryan Brown plays a special effects man who is hired by the feds to stage a fake murder of a mafia crime boss turned witness. But when he is framed for the murder, he goes on the run by the same people he was hired by and tracked by a cop played by Brian Dennehy who suspects there's more to the cast. What I like about this is that the characters are well made. The way the Feds get Brown's character is by playing with his ego by saying they will go with one of his rivals and Dennehy's cop comes out of central casting but Dennehy has fun with the roll and it's nice watching Brown use his special effect tricks to get a hold of the bad guys. I like a movie where a cop screams, "Oh, shoot!" before braking suddenly because he thinks he is going to hit a person on the street but it is a dummy. The movie has a few loopholes such as if the mob witness is made to look like he is murdered, then it would nullify the prosecution's case and the ending where Brown and Dennehy get back at the mob doesn't make sense considering that word of the mob witnesses death would have been well known. I don't know, but these are small loopholes. Rather than turn Brown's character into an action hero, it allows him to use his wits to outsmart the bad guys.

Andrew S (es) wrote: Curtis LaForche lives in a small Ohio town with his wife Samantha and six-year-old daughter Hannah, who is deaf. Money is tight, and navigating Hannah's healthcare and special needs education is a constant struggle. Despite that, Curtis and Samantha are very much in love and their family is a happy one. Then Curtis begins having terrifying dreams about an encroaching, apocalyptic storm. He chooses to keep the disturbance to himself, channeling his anxiety into the obsessive building of a storm shelter in their backyard. But the resulting strain on his marriage and tension within the community doesn't compare to Curtis' private fear of what his dreams may truly signify. Faced with the proposition that his disturbing visions signal disaster of one kind or another, Curtis confides in Samantha, testing the power of their bond against the highest possible stakes.

Susanna M (kr) wrote: Overall, not too bad. Storyline could've been "tightened". Nia Long's acting could've been better.

Owen K (fr) wrote: A classic time travel film