Phirojshah (Naseeruddin Shah) and Pestonjee (Anupam Kher) are two close friends. They attempt to do everything together, and they hope that they will marry the same day as well. Unfortunately, both go to see the same young lady, Jeroo (Shabana Azmi), and Pestonjee ends up getting married to Jeroo. Phirojshah has been stricken by Jeroo's beauty and decides not to marry, and takes a transfer away from the couple. During the years, he keeps in touch with the couple by mail. While on a visit to the couple, he finds out that Pestonjee has a mistress, and Jeroo does not know of this. How will this effect Phirojshah's friendship with Pestonjee? Does Phirojshah stand a chance with Jeroo?

Phirojshah (Naseeruddin Shah) and Pestonjee (Anupam Kher) are two close friends. They attempt to do everything together, and they hope that they will marry the same day as well. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Valentina L (it) wrote: Its another Cinderella meets prince story, but not as bad as other were.

Pat H (ru) wrote: Completely laughless.

Shawn B (mx) wrote: At a first glance, one could assume this would be a vehicle specifically for Jusin Long. Not that that is a bad thing mind you, after all I am a huge Long fan. But after a closer investigation, its actually a very plain and simple movie about growing up and nerding out with your closest friends. Its even about those butterflies you get when you meet that first special someone. Remember what that was like? Even now as you've all grown up a bit, I bet you still remember that feeling, or maybe you still act that way. At any rate, it was a fun little movie that reminded me how truly lucky I am for the friends that I have. Even if we've never been hot on the trail of some large sasquatch. Which would be one of the coolest things ever! So, like I said, Justin Long gets top billing, but probably only because, well he's Justin Long. A young cat by the name of Jeremy Sumpter is the real star here. He plays Gavin, a teenage geek who has even geekier friends, who are all into mid-evil themes and play sword fighting. Hey I can't blame them, I'm still into pro wrestling. Eventually Gavin and his friends meet up with Zerk (Justin Long) and his slacker friend Shirts. Ironically, Shirts never wears a shirt, and he talkes just like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. Which makes sense, since this flick is pretty much done by the same guys who did that flick. After Zerk's little tussle with Gavin and his friends, he is made aware, because of high interest rates, a debt to a credit company for $1,400. After a few failed schemes to get some money, he and Shirts decide to fake some Bigfoot footprints to sell on eBay for money. Those footprints are exactly what Gavin and his friends happen upon while hiking one day. Which sets off a little feud between them and another group of kids who think they are all that and dumb as a boot. As if that wasn't enough, Mr. Carl Weathers comes in as Dr. Artemis Snodgrass, the world renowned Sasquatch hunter and expert. He is called in to authenticate the footprints and some other unmentionables that were also found. Oh and did I mention that during all of that, Gavin also meets a young lady who isn't too well recieved by her peers either. So a bond is formed on the sole basis of being an outsider and the love of a good sci-fi fantasy film. I wonder if thats how it'll happen for me? Anyway, about 150 loose ends are all tied up in the movies finale, but not quite all of them. There was really a lot going on in this movie, a bunch of little things, which made for a very entertaining little indie flick.

Nikolaos S (fr) wrote: Not half bad...Better than Cargo 200:)

Alejandro M (ru) wrote: Me gust bastante la pelcula

death w (it) wrote: very nice movie .. a must see movie for cat lovers

Jon F (kr) wrote: keitel portrays the king of rock n roll and fonda plays a marilyn monroe impersonator in this fun filled road adventure.

Mark H (kr) wrote: A great film that shows the true horrors of war and how war truly effects the young.

Jacob M (fr) wrote: Creepy, heart pounding, and terrifying! The, tense, setting that keeps the team of the Nostromo trapped inside their ship with the, ultimate, predator is terrifying. Sigourney Weaver plays the perfect unseeming hero. She fights against this beast as it takes out her crew one by one. The genius behind this film is the limited times you see the Xenomorph. The less you see him the scarier he becomes. Hearing him lurking in the background, and seeing the crew always looking over their shoulder brings the scares to the audience too. The blend of sci-fi and horror is perfect once you add a new monster into the fold. Ridley Scott brings some of his best work to this film that launched a franchise that still brings new films today.

Carol H (br) wrote: This wasn't exactly the fun, lighthearted rom-com I was expecting. None of the characters are likable and the story just gets more depressing as it goes along.