Petaling Street Warriors

Petaling Street Warriors

Set in Petaling Street in 1908, it tells of a hokkien mee seller (Mark Lee) who finds himself entangled in deadly battles with skilled fighters. Little did he know that he is in possession of a lost treasure map linked to the Qing Dynasty and must refrain himself from consummating his marriage to master the "Virgin Kung Fu" skills to overcome his opponents

Set against the background of Petaling Street in 1908, Petaling Street Warriors tells the story of a pair of married couple, Shi Duyao (Mark Lee) and Zhung Lichun (Yeo Yann Yann), who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rifat J (gb) wrote: The worst bollywood film I have ever seen - yet! I found it to be so bad, it just angered me because I'm a fan of both Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra. Absolutely ridiculous!

Frank H (it) wrote: Much duller than I'd hoped.

Kristen M (ca) wrote: Ok, so I totally wanted to swap spots with Julianne Moore! It is a fun romantic comedy that is a must for every chick-flick collection!

Brenden K (mx) wrote: I'm not beating around the bush with this one. The movie is so predictable and stuffed with cliches. It leaves a small impact on a message you already know about 30 mintues into the running time. While the jokes might make you chuckle every now and then, it is not worth seeing a story done over and over, just for the sake of having Jim Carrey mug at the camera and make "I am God" jokes.

Hilary B (us) wrote: Not really a 5-star movie (three would be generous ... but weeJosh! So pretty!

Nancy G (mx) wrote: I watched this movie many years ago, and it is STILL one of my top 10 favorite comedies. Laugh-out-loud funny. I loved the "outlandish" plot-it's creative and different; the relationship that develops between O'Hara and one of the criminals is romantic,touching and well-acted;

Stuart K (au) wrote: Directed by Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential (1997), Wonder Boys (2000) and 8 Mile (2002)), this is a tight and uncomfortable thriller which manages to be gripping and exciting. Playing on every mother's worst fear, and it has more than a touch of Hitchcock about it. While it might sound derivative, it's the way Hanson tells the story that gives the film it's edge, and it's still effect over 20 years later. After Claire Bartel (Annabella Sciorra) was sexually assaulted by obstetrician Dr. Victor Mott (John de Lancie), she reported him and Mott killed himself to prevent going to jail, his widow (Rebecca De Mornay) is told she'll lose everything, and she has a miscarriage. She swears revenge against Bartel and her husband Michael (Matt McCoy), and she takes on the identity of Peyton Flanders, and takes on the position of the Bartel's new nanny for daughter Emma (Madeline Zima) and their new baby. As soon as Peyton becomes the nanny, she starts to sew the seeds of distrust into the family, looking to tear them apart, but Claire soon finds out who Peyton really is. It's a terrifying film, which has the message of "Be careful who you piss off", but De Mornay is absolutely terrifying, and this film should make anyone think twice before they employ a nanny. It was able to get Hanson onto greater things, shame it didn't work for the cast.

Ryan T (fr) wrote: The writer, director and editor of this film should have been dragged out into the street and shot once they released this steaming turd in to the worlds theaters.But here's the funny thing: it's such a train wreck, that you can't look away. The classic title song stays in your head for a few days and then you start thinking that maybe it wasn't that bad...the concept had potential...maybe I just didn't "get" their late 80's style of editing...and (God help you) Feldman actually showed some heart in his role. Then a couple of weeks later whatever cable channel you saw it on will re-air it ('cause that's what they do) and you will re-watch a few minutes. And you will shake your head and say "what the blue f### was I thinking!"

Will D (kr) wrote: Charlton Heston plays Jesus Christ (or at least some madman to whom close comparisons can be made), trying to save the Egyptians from the local mad git, who is hell bent on killing them because they're not on their knees bowing at him. It's slightly monotonous, but slightly entertaining also, and mercifully short for this kind of epic.

Deke P (ca) wrote: Interesting exciting slasher thriller. Good cast. Twisty plot - defies easy comprehension. Saw it in theater when came out. Forgot i saw it until saw last part on tv again recent. Good ending.

Lewis E (de) wrote: Been getting told observations/teased lately about my tendencies to write bad reviews, which is hard to deny considering my last 3+ stars was written when the afro was still in fashion, but here is a positive rating anyway for all those haters of the hater. 'Ill Manors' is probably nothing you ain't seen before (i.e. 'Kidulthood' or Channel 4 drama 'Top Boy') but still manages to be grippingly gritty, offer numerous impactful moments and effectively provide a unique and artistic method of conveying the usual messages through interweaving stories and musical narration. The relatively unknown cast also avoid overacting which is rare in this genre. Only real gripe is that the aftermath to one of the shocking events is not left long enough to resonate with the characters involved. This is a shame because it was a key turning point but not surprising I guess given the very nature of the movie was quite fast-paced. So yeah, a definite good review where I am actually recommending a movie instead of telling you to stay away. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Ahmad J (fr) wrote: Loved this movie when I saw it as a kid!

Betsy T (gb) wrote: This is a great and pretty rare look into how the disney studos work on their films(at least back then) The film as a whole is just marvellously well done and the backstage tour is an interesting and fun look at how these classics were done9and to some degree) still are.

Octavia J (de) wrote: This could have been a good horror flick, except someone forgot to actually fill in the story. I have just finished streaming this movie on Netflix and I have no idea why the family moved to that weird town. I have no idea why they insisted on ignoring the neighbors' warnings or staying when things got weird(er). There was a really cool looking book of urban tales which I assume explains what the creatures are. The problem is that we never got a chance to explore its contents. The one neighbor (Roose Bolton from GoT) apparently has all the secrets, but is not interested in filling us, the audience, in. So I am left to view these creatures as the ultimate "stay off my lawn" neighbors. If you intrude into their forest, they will steal your baby (?). Um... ok.

Gmd E (ca) wrote: This is so horribly hilarious,Asylum I love you.