Petals on the Wind

Petals on the Wind

This sequel to Flowers in the Attic picks up 10 years after Cathy, Chris and Carrie managed to escape Foxworth Hall.

Petals on the Wind follows the twisted plight of the Dollanganger family with domestic violence, pregnancy, bullying, marriage proposals, a miscarriage, home renovation, a fatal car crash and suicide by baked goods following. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Petals on the Wind torrent reviews

Rajesh M (ag) wrote: Average comedy. Has its moments.

Shannon E (jp) wrote: Won't unseat 'Love Jones' but pretty good flick that far too few will prob check out

Jared H (au) wrote: i don't think i could live without this movie.

Anna B (es) wrote: Bad narration, seemingly lifted straight from the novel's prose (don't do that, filmmakers), some very strange editing choices. There are a lot of really nice, evocative scenes and images (and performances, especially from Jones who sells a potential clich of a character), but the whole thing seems to be shabbily glued together, with the tasks of making the plot seem compelling and the characters interesting apparently left as an afterthought. For me it got by on mood, but it has a lot of problems. (Also, I admit I only watched this because I thought the title was cool.)

James W (ca) wrote: For all of us who are not fooled by all the books purporting to tell us how to be happy, Scandinavian filmakers and writers still know what an empty, cruel, greedy promise that is-- that we go through life trailing pain like sparks, and that the events during which we turn away from each other far outnumber those in which we manage to collide. Mads Mikkelsen shows once more his enormous and exquisite control as an actor; Madsen is a director of unerring instinct and tenderness.

Kory S (ca) wrote: Flat out dumb movie! It was confusing and hard to follow and not even scary! It could have been WAY better!

KeRi (de) wrote: If you dont like Shiloh i dont know u!!

Shane D (nl) wrote: One audience member described film #20 - Bar Girls - as being "I kind of fell asleep, but I think it was okay, there were lesbians in this right?" Yes audience member, you were right. This little known Lesbian Rom/Com from the mid-90s is the perfect way to kick off day 3 of the 70 in 7 Project. Following the bar room antics of the quick witted lesbian cartoonist Loretta and her "crazy, cool" lesbian buddies, this film rollicks along with all the pace of a snail. Actually, it is sort of interesting, and it does represent alternative cinema, even though it is perhaps the most mainstream 90s effort by the Gay and Lesbian faction of filmmakers. So as a result, it deserves its place amongst the rest of the 70 films, but that being said, it didnt make it any easier to watch...not by a long shot. And not a single joke about carpet in the entire 95 minutes, which was dissapointing for those who enjoy Lesbian-related-puns.

bill s (ag) wrote: The acting is better than the story in this tearjerker.

Zainab A (nl) wrote: This movie was so bad. It was a total reincarnation movie. This movie was an older version of shah rukh khan's om shanti om.

Jon R (br) wrote: In my mind, this is Orson Welles' true masterpiece. One of my favorite films of all time.

Matt G (au) wrote: An example of the possibility of subjectivity in cinema : relies on the aesthetic, narrative structure, and Hardy's totally unhinged performance. It works on all fronts.

Nicola W (nl) wrote: Enjoyed this much more than I thought I would.